282) Trump, the greatest actor, Part III...
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284) We left off in 1897, with hundreds of independent sightings of flying machines all over America.

Witnesses everywhere... Normal people.

In fact, newspapers went out of their to clarify their sanity, their good standing in Church, and/or their reputation for good deed.
285) This of course was only 2 years after Tesla's office—and everything in it—burnt to the ground at 33 and 35 South Fifth avenue. All of his papers. All of the machinery...

Was it an accident?

So said Chief Reilly with Engine 33 & Officer Haggerty.
286) What was he working on? What was he really working on... Perhaps the events of 1896 & 1897 were the fruits of his labor.

After all, Mr. Tesla was very busy pulling the things from his mind, working them out, and moving onto the next objective.
287) Despite the initial impact of the loss, within hours, Tesla was sharing designs about his oscillator, for anyone who would listen.

Of course, Mr. Twain was there as well... Always near.
288) It seems ironic to me that his oscillator was being discussed at the time of the fire...

Because if this hypothesis is correct, the NYMZA (Pre-Nazi's) were most certainly responsible.

The Teutonic Knights... The Junkers. The landed gentry from Crimea to the Black Forest.
289) Why does it seem ironic to me? This is a stretch, but I have to trust my gut... And this IS a hypothesis...

Surely you heard the story when Tesla almost brought a building down with an advanced version of this oscillator, no?

An earthquake maker... Shake the very ground!
290) And I just can't help but find that ironic...

Because (here we go), I believe the Prussians—somehow—may have had an earthquake maker of their own.

And I think this "weapon" was used to control governments around the world... for a long time...

But it wasn't a mechanical.
291) Those aren't guns... Those are horns...
292) I suspect the force behind steam powered horns of this size would be immense, and might find a resonance that would cause liquefaction...

In other words, the ground beneath your feet not only shakes, but liquifies.

Can you imagine if entire cities could be "sunk?"
293) I'm not basing this assumption a single mysterious photo from what appears to be late 19th century... However my sources are weak.

It's truly a hunch... But it makes sense from everything else I've researched.

NYMZA /NAZI's were & are occultists and technophiles.
294) For instance, this may be nothing more than fanciful story—like Fantasia—of two islands, with their own "music."

But our dear friends at the Luciferian headquarters... Er... I mean Walt Disney, may have been saying just a little bit more here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=dihJ1w48Jh0&feature=emb_logo
295) I mean, it's not too far fetched... Is it? Do we not have stories of horns bringing down walls and armies from our past?
296) Welp... I'm going to go even further into ancient speculation... This is a tangent, but I'm telling you! There is something to this NAZI thing...

And what word do all associate the NAZI's with?


Is that just a word?
297) Fasces...

Fasces (English: /ˈfæsiːz/ FASS-eez, Latin: [ˈfaskeːs]; a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning "bundle"; Italian: fascio littorio) is a bound bundle of rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging.
298) That's where most people would take it at face value... makes sense... A bundle of sticks together is stronger than all the sticks individually. Strength in unity...

Easy buy.

But there is more... and you have to go back 1,000 before Julius Cesar took his first breathe...
299) Because the Fascia symbology was a hand-me-down from a much earlier civilization. The Romans just did what Romans do. They adopted, emulated, and made it Roman.

Throw a little extra "State Tax" on that baby, and it's 100% Roman. :) Sorry...

The Fasces came from the North.
300) It came from the Etruscans...
301) And who were the Etruscans?
302) Well... When educated elite priests and socialites need a place to hide from Pharaoh, North Western Italy was the place to be... Just far enough away from the Nile to call be safe... Why? Because they WERE pharaohs... Just the ones who lost the battle of Avaris. The Hyksos.
303) From 1,650 BCE to about 1,550 BCE the 15th dynasty ruled northern Egypt. The were the "foreign rulers" who came to settle in the land of Goshen (Avaris), near the Nile delta. Who were they and where did they come from?

They were the Phoenicians before they were Phoenicians.
304) Let me stop right here for a minute... Why am i going so far back? It's because I believe that this Avaris battle between the Thebans and the Hyksos was a key point in our collective history. Why?

Who was running Eqypt at the time of the Hyksos as Vizier to the Pharoah?
305) Although not "kings" themselves, the Vizier to the Pharaoh, and the one with the most responsibility for the success of the kingdom was....


The House of Israel...

Do you know the story?
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