“Healthism shows up when we joke about getting diabetes from a single dessert, or refer to a rich meal as a “heart attack on a plate”—implying that those health conditions are caused by failures of a perceived personal responsibility to be healthy...” https://www.self.com/story/healthism 
“... not by structural forces that disproportionately harm the health of people living on the down side of power.” #healthism
#Healthism shows up when we suggest that trans people should be more worried about the side effects of long-term hormone therapy than their own lived experience of their gender.”
“Perpetuating healthism is a learned behavior...So if you, like me, regularly find yourself falling into the trap of healthism...Here are some questions to reflect on:

▶️Why do you want or expect to know about other people’s health?”
▶️If you’re discussing their health with them, have they asked for your input? Are you telling them something they haven’t already heard? (Spoiler alert: Every fat person has heard every diet tip you’re about to share.)”
▶️How do you feel when you assess or judge someone else’s health? How does it make you feel? And why do you keep doing it?

▶️Does your perception of other people’s health usually determine how you treat them? Do you want it to?” #healthism
This emphasis on “individual choice” and “individual responsibility” is a cardinal feature of #WhiteSupremacyCulture which is permated the globe.

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