1)This thread's for the sane ppl.

Since former GOP Rep Nan Hayworth decided to attack a comedian over a joke - while defending Trump's character and leadership - please let me offer a few facts those oft-repeated FOX talking points leave out.

Here's how they lie to you, #MAGA: https://twitter.com/NanHayworth/status/1291812150663577600
Every president fights for prosperity. Look at who's prosperity they're fighting for.

Trump's fighting to take away pre-existing conditions in the courts. His budget is trying to cut SNAP, WIC, medicare & medicaid.

Right now, 12 million Americans face eviction.

Every person reading this paid more in 2018 fed taxes than Chevron, General Motors, Occidental Petroleum, IBM, Netflix, Halliburton, Amazon, DTE Energy.
So, jobs. 

DT grew 1.5 mil fewer jobs in his 1st 3 yrs than Obama's last 3.

Ask your Trump-loving friends which Obama economic trend Trump reversed, rather than merely continued & took credit.

The Obama economic expansion ended on Trump's watch in Feb, before lockdown.

And I think we've learned
that a president
lying about Covid-19,
hundreds of times;
while not having a national strategy 5 months in,
does not help
small business.

Also, worth remembering that businessman Trump outsourced his own merch manufacturing to Mexico & China.
Finally, our military was so depleted we were only spending more $ on it than:
Saudi Arabia
S. Korea
& Brazil
You're too smart for these grifters, @NanHayworth.

I've lied to you 20,000 times fewer than Trump.
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