The suggestion is this troll farm was run by this cutout fake account David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA. This is his account before he changed it to a new one that got subsequently suspended. #infoOps
Here are a couple of memes David Adrian @DavidAdrian_USA from the Romanian troll farm recently tweeted. I was just able to pull them from the Google Cache. Guessing there will be more interesting stuff to glean from Archive[.]org
Doing a reverse image search of David Adrian's profile pic, I was able to find his newest Twitter account which was subsequently suspended by Twitter. @DAdrian96 #infoOps #infosec #osint #disinfo
And this is how the now suspended @Dadrian96 account looked on July 4th of this year. Again apparently the main cutout account running a Romanian troll farm of fake African-Americans posing as Pro-Trump supporters #infoOps #osint #infosec #disinfo
Well this all makes for an easy segue into what I was planning on posting tonight.
Some more examples from a few of the now suspended social media accounts related to the Romanian troll farm and EpochTimes sockpuppet accounts related accounts being reported by Ben Collins @oneunderscore__
Okay according to Archive[.]org the @Dadrian96 account was tweeting out at a minimum of 377 tweets per day .. at least up until July 23rd when the collection of the account stopped .. presumably close to when it got suspended. Why is this still allowed? #infoOps
So we found a few of the now suspended Twitter accnts related to David Adrian & his Romanian troll farm. It appears they were still in the early phase of audience building using religious & inspirational quotes. The @emily_benford was created in Apr #InfoOps #disinfo #osint
So a number of the now suspended accounts we found used similar audience building techniques. Mostly cranking out Christian related memes and quotes. Here are two examples from David Adrian's first account @davidadrian_USA, before he switched to the now suspended one. #infoOps
Both of David's two Twitter accounts were included in a lot of #TrumpTrain follow back schemes. Presumably this was done for the other fake African-American sockpuppet accounts they were building up #infoOps #disinfo #osint
There's more to the story & some will probably notice that. But for now I'll end on these examples. Interestingly we saw a number of accnts locating to African countries .. much like the Ghana troll farm outed by @Graphika_NYC and @clarissaward #infoOps #disinfo #osint
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