For those of you who don’t get it. #COVID19 is like “Jaws”. It don’t give a damn about your “”freedum” or “tyranny” because you don’t wear a mask. Send your kids to school? Good luck. #COVID19 a HOAX? Keep listening to the jackass in the WH and #MoscowMitch. #COVID19 DON’T CARE
#COVID19 don’t give a damn what you heard on @foxnews @oann or @WeAreSinclair. Play it short, and COVID19 will take you down. @realdonaldtrump @senatemajldr and @GOPLeader don’t give a damn about the virus, they will “open the economy”. So what if grandma dies. (2)
The @gop @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr AND @GOPLeader will send YOUR kids back to school, not theirs. They want people back to work no matter the risk. #MoscowMitch red line: prohibits workers from suing employers. So if workers refuse to work in an unsafe place they’re fired. 3
Those workers would have no recourse if they refuse to work in an unsafe environment and couldn’t draw unemployment. Bottom line: the gop doesn’t give a damn about people getting #COVID19, only cash. They all must be voted out. End.
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