Many thanks Alisyn Camerota ⁦ @JohnBerman⁩ for hosting me ⁦ @NewDay⁩ as our nation tragically continues to lead the world in the number of new #COVID19 cases and deaths. In South we’ve reached a plateau but at 100 MPH, 1,700 new cases per day in #Houston, now new cities
Until we launch a federally led strategy #COVID19 will remain with us and our virus “forest fire” will continue to burn or smolder. We can also anticipate new coronaviruses in future years: we’re developing both a COVID19 #vaccine and (aspirational goal) a universal CoV vaccine
In the meantime teachers staff don’t feel safe returning to schools in areas with high virus transmission: 20 percent of COVID19 deaths occur in people under 65, mostly in that 45-65 yo age category
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