. @elonmusk didn’t “triple his wealth” as much as he tripled the valuation of his companies. His stake in Tesla & SpaceX — companies that he worked incredibly hard to build — is where his net worth comes from.

These are American companies trying to ensure a better future for all. https://twitter.com/berniesanders/status/1291152018413957121
While other tech execs/CEOs sell shares on a regular basis, Elon has continued *buying* Tesla stock, and is borrowing against his shares to do so. His net worth largely exists on paper, and is subject to same fluctuations as stock market. He doesn’t have $70B in cash.
In addition, his compensation for Tesla is entirely performance-based, meaning that he only gets “paid” (paid as in “receiving stock options / shares that he isn’t allowed to sell for 5+ years”) when ambitious milestones are hit.
Basically, if Tesla fails to achieve its mission, which is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, Elon will walk away with $0, as the mission can’t be achieved without growth/economies of scale.
Lastly, Elon has reiterated many times that he’s accumulating resources in order to help make life multiplanetary.

Why would anyone argue against space exploration? Historically, many technologies developed for spaceflight also helped solve problems/improve life on Earth.
Don’t want to insert myself into American politics as I don’t live there. But debunking attacks is necessary to maintain public discourse
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