1.7 What are the effects of the recent explosion on the #Covid19 situation in 🇱🇧? It is not easy to predict, but the following points can help in formulating an answer:
2.7 The chaos and crowding was seen on that terrible night, whether at the Emergency departments, at their entrance, at blood donation sites, or during patient transport. Unfortunately but understandably, all safety measures were not adhered to, and that will not have helped.
3.7 On the other hand, the shock and the state of emergency that is declared may result in more people staying at home. This can slow the transmission. Will this abstenance apply to the rest of the country, especially in cities and towns with low compliance with the measures?
4.7 St. Georges Hospital, on the forefront against #Covid19, in testing and management, was damaged and all patients had to be evacuated, some to RHUH. Resources of many hospitals are being directed towards casualties. As #Covid19 cases keep rising, we should not lose capacity.
5.7 The main marine port is out of service for the foreseeable future. What are the logistic implications? Medical supplies were hard to import due to the financial situation. The local industry was stepping in. If their supply chain is interrupted, can they still deliver?
6.7 The explosion and its aftermath has made an untenable economic situation even worse. The repercussions will soon be apparent. The health sector has been performing admirably despite all odds. Yet, the pressure is mounting, can it hold on?
7.7 In short, #Covid19, on the rise, will be more difficult to contain after what has happened. The tolerance of people to lockdown is at a minimum. Promised aid is badly needed. Our hope lies in the resilience of the community, a resilience that was well evident in the past days
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