Some thoughts on Brazil's 2016 coup, Dilma Rousseff, and # lula livre.

Hopefully I can at least convince you that there is a strong possibility Dilma was a participant in the coup.
Brazil is half of South America's population and half of the continent's landmass.

Brazil is extraordinarily resource rich with oil, gold, metals, the Amazon, the Pampas, and on and on.

It could be a powerful independent force that liberates the 'southern cone' from the US.
Brazilian companies are regional and global heavyweights, to name 3:

Odebrecht is still the largest contruction firm in Latin America.

Petrobras is a world class oil company that pioneered deep water offshore drilling.

Vale is the number one producer of iron and nickel ore.
It should be clear then that Brazil is not Bolivia or Nicaragua or Haiti or Ecuador where the US backed goons can just shove the coup target on a plane and tell him to kick rocks as an exile.

The Brazilian population had to be primed and the government itself subverted.
It should be equally clear how important Brazil is to US planners.

On one level, if Brazil offers solidarity to Venezuela, the regime change game is over.

More importantly, Brazilian firms began sucking up money destined for American corporations as they expanded under Lula.
Ok, I was too optimistic about doing this tonight.

Still some context to go through before we get to the meat n potatoes and I've got to get up with my baby in 5 hours.

To be continued tomorrow morning.
You could see Clinton's meddling in the 1990s covered by Brazil wire for background on US involvement, but the importance of taming Brazil to US planners should be clear.

Lets talk about the PT.

This is where it gets touchy and we start on things that Brazil wire won't touch.
PT is incredibly secretive and very little about internal hierarchies makes into Brazilian or US press.

It is NOT run by labour unions and workers as some would have you believe. These people are historically its base of support, but in fact it is run by the 'PT Juridica.'
PT juridica forms the leadership of PT, they are the party cadre. As the name implies, they are mainly elite trained lawyers.

The marxists and much of the far left was purged in the 1990s and again right after Lula's reelection.

PT juridica runs the party now.
The middle and upper leadership of the party no longer reflects the base, which is why the party is entirely dependent on the personality of Lula for its electoral success.

This is why targetting Lula in the 2018 elections was so succesful and so critical to the golpistas.
When the 20q6 coup happened, the PT had been in power for 14 years. This made the right desperate while the PT had grown complacent.

The PT juridico adopted the language and habits of every other political party and felt destined to govern for the foreseeable future.
They adopted the logic of the Democrat party that lost in 2016 - 'we might be bad but have you seen the other guys?'

They felt comfortable bringing in neoliberal reforms, implenting terrible social policies and treating the workers that formed their base like garbage.
Break to make the baby dinner.
The best example of the PT duplicity is Lula and Dilma bringing in the good folks from Chicago to run Brazil's treasury.
Sure enough, international capital makes its move downgrading Brazil's credit rating and 'forcing' Dilma to implement further rounds of public sector cuts.

The base is further alienated and gives less of a f*ck than ever.
Note that 2 years before Brazil's budget crisis, Dilma cut taxes and froze public sector wages.

There is no better way to guarantee a budget shortfall than to cut spending and taxes. This has been known for 70 years. 
Because Dilma thinks we are all stupid plebs, in this post coup interview with Mehdi Hasan she pretends to be surprised that cutting taxes in a recession would create severe problems for the country.
So by 2015 we have a real economic crisis, compounded by a fake crisis manufactured by PT leadership.

Dilma's only answer? Erode her support among PT's base even further.
This comes after she barely won the 2014 election, where her opponent initially refused to concede. Brazil is not Bolivia though and the OAS cannot strongarm its man into office.

This is when Lavo Jato enters the kill phase.
While Dilma was busy handing out tax cuts and discipling public sector unions, the Brazilian right, assisted by Silicon Valley tech companies, had by early 2015 organized massive protests aimed at impeaching Dilma.
Obvious color revolution underway at this point.

Remember the supporters of PT had been roundly brutalized when protests in 2013 and 2014 were suppressed, after having been made to eat the sh*t sandwich of austerity by Dilma's government.

So no one was coming to help.
(Although the color revolution started in 2013. The reasons for the initial protests - high cost of public transport - had already been subverted. These guys hint at this, but won't say it in so many words.)
(And it is not the main point, I asume anyone reading this understands color revolutions and can spot what was happening in Brazil with the benefit of hindsight.)
Now, lets get to Dilma's vice president Temer and the PMDB. The PMDB is a corrupt party of capital that served as the official opposition under Brazil's military dictatorship.

They went on to hold the vice presidency in all (nearly all?) administrations after the dictatorship.
As revealed by Wikileaks in 2010, Temer was a US embassy informant as of 2006 and hated Lula.

Even US embassy knows PMDB is just a vehicle foe political patronage.

Perfect guy to pick for your vice president, if you don't want to stay in office.
Ok, lets go to the 'corruption scandal.'

Remember that Lava Jato was never about corruption per se, it was always a political inquest. Lawfare is the term for it and the PT juridico loves lawfare and its institutions.
This itself is not new, US gov has been shaking down foreign companies for 'corruption' for decades.

This puts money in the pocket of the US treasury, but more importantly it damages foreign companies competing with American ones (like odebrecht).
In the scandal Petrobras was accused of a 3% 'pot de vin' corruption where 3% of project costs were overcharged spread around.

This is absolutely nothing and indicates that Petrobras was actually quite a clean company.
Odebrecht was the other major target of the scandal, in the interest of time and my own lack of knowledge I won't go into the merits of that investigation.

But I guarantee it is not 1/100th as bad as the corruption the DoJ manages on behalf of US corporations.
Lawfare is meant to be complicated and tangled so that you do not see how absurd the allegations are, in comparison to international standards.
The Lava Jato lawfare operation was a political weapon aimed at the PT, Dilma and primarily Lula.

Limited hangout crew The Intercept revealed that the judge and prosecutor overseeing the case were working with Americans and the goal was always Lula.
In fact Dilma's justice minister knew at least by October 2015 that Americans were coaching the chief prosecutor of the case.
(Pimenta, the congressional PT leader who formally requested the info on USinvolvement in above Brazil wire article is himself credibly accused of involvement with drug trafficking. If he is, that makes him an agent of the Americans. The tangled webs!  )
Breathtakingly, Dilma lied about US involvement while the coup was taking place and defended Michel Temer.

She denies any external involvement 3 x in a row with RT in May 2016.

She is cool as a cucumber while USA coups her.
Iranian state TV took it a step further and asked if 'she had been threatened or if she was afraid'.
Not quite done, still a few points to make, need to tie it all together, and give some suggested readings.

I should have done this before, but all credit goes to @romulusmaya. I merely articulated it in Englishy and I hope I reproduced his main points faithfully enough.
As usual the below is true.
Starting at 2.12 Mehdi Hasan actually asks Dilma the obvious:

'If you truly believe what happened (sic) was a coup d'etat, why aren't you out there right now leading a popular nonviolent resistance?
Dilma's answer is pathetic, garbled nonsense.

She says she is in fact leading the resistance to Temer, then goes on to explain why people shouldn't be on the streets and complains about how unfair the coup was.
I forgot to mention in her interview with RT in May 2016 *as the coup to install Temer in power is ongoing* Dilma defends his time as a US embassy informant and ensures us his history has no relation to the ongoing coup.
This thread by Romulus Maya really goes through all these points well.
While it has been known for some time that the Swiss authorities had their grubby fingers all over lava jato, it appears that they passed on fake documents to aid the lavo jato plotters specifically in the prosecution of Lula (and others?) 
The Swiss Prosecutor General is a corrupt peice of human garbage that lied about his dealings with FIFA in official documents.

He resigned and will pay a tiny fee to the Swiss public.

This human-shaped turd refused to hand over the original lavo jato docs to Lula's lawyers.
Recapping again:

Dilma 'makes the economy scream', lets US direct an investigation into her party, smashes protests by her supporters, relies on a US Embassy informant and his party for support, denies us involvment and tells everyone to not protest once the coup happens.
On top of that, Dilma let her prosecutors use FAKE documents obtained illegally through corrupt Swiss officials to indict her party's leader.

She offered Lula's head on a plate in exchange for who-knows-how-much-money, her personal safety and international sympathy.
Another intersting fact is Dilma joined PT only in 2001, yet was Lula's chief of staff by 2005.

She never had an electoral base and was appointed his successor for....who-knows-what-reasons.
Last point here for a while:

I rely heavily on Romulus Maya for information. You won't know who he is because the PT insiders that run the English language Brazil news services you read hate him. They hate him because he exposes the traitors and compradors in the PT.
They hate him because he was a PT insider that broke the code of silence and tells us how the party operates.

He was also trusted last month to break the Banestado story, largest corruption scheme in Brazil IIRC, by the whistleblowers/officials doing this dangerous work.
You should trust him too, not the party climbers.
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