Location H
Not much needs to be said. Pic says a lot.
So total PLA Force concentration between F-4 & F-6 = 2500 (It's the safe approximation)
Distance- (as crow flies) - A to D (3.5 Kms)
A to G (10.5 Kms)
Galwan valley & Hot springs in one frame
LAC - Red Line
CCL- Black line
S ---------------N
It will end in an armed conflict.
nearly impossible tht China will retreat in Pangong.
As per my analysis F-4 Fox hole is a natural defence (also a barrier) fr India & it's not possible for us 2 maintain a physical presence Beyond F-4
#IndiaChinaFaceOff https://twitter.com/sneheshphilip/status/1291237078282330113?s=09
@rajesha_rao my SM post dated 7 June. Hope it helps
2 images used in SM post- Credits- Top @StratNewsGlobal
Bottom @detresfa_
@iyyer @detresfa_ @rajfortyseven on one side & @sdinny14 @nitingokhale @rwac48 on the other when it comes to Finger naming
@rajesha_rao Answers
To the best of my Info
1) Indian had no physical presence beyond F-4. Indian Sangar was at F-4 (but not in peninsular region). IA also has a firm base nearby
2) Patrol stretch lost - 10 Km (as crow flies)(F-4 CCL to PLA Naval Base)
1/ https://twitter.com/rajesha_rao/status/1291642053776965633?s=09
3) Indians patrolled till Sirijap b4 May. Never crossed Sirijap becuz it houses PLA GF Naval Base. Chinese also patrolled till F-4 & had built a asphalted highway till the Fox hole
4) As per Google Map, F-4 peninsular region's Ridgeline is the CCL
A great Map indeed.
DSDBO has been the CoG since May. The points worth noting is that DSDBO is nearest to LAC/CCL near Galwan valley.
Credits- @detresfa_
Sub- Media reports f PLA incursion in Depsang Plain & recent PLA Infra build up
News- 2 * gen level talks fr disengagement in SSN
1)dere is NO incursion
2)dere is significant PLA build up on Chinese side itself
imagery Credits- @detresfa_
via esri
3)NO recent PLA infra cnstructn in d area. Road, Bridge & 2 PLA Bases started appearing since early 2000s.
4)Only recently, PLA has positioned on the heights 2 the SW of the Bridge. Though these new positions r difficult 2 pick bt fresh tracks help speculate
5)Chinese PLA troop Build up is true at 'Y- Junction' but Road here was completed by Chinese way back in 2010
India-China Face off
Round 1- India won by 2-1
China is raring to go for Round 2.
Most probably India will win the upcoming round too.
This map belongs 2 Rtd Colonel Mike Singh. ANI has confirmed tht India Army & SFF (As they mention a Special force) hve occupied Thakung. Indian Forces occupied height even B4 Chinese could occupy it. It seems tht PLA was planning to get this height but IA/SFF Spoiled their party
Why Thakung is important?
1) F-4 to F-8 in the line of sight. The PLA positions on North Bank can be easily monitored frm here
2) From here those positions can be attacked easily. It's a vantage point actually.
Not just on 29/30 Aug the action happened, there were skirmishes on 30/31 Aug night also. Probably when India made successful attempt to occupy reqin.
OSINT suggests PLA:India KIA figure is 12:1
Speculation of Lat Long of Captured PLA positions. https://twitter.com/TerrorismOSINT/status/1300659862293155840?s=19
A location censored by GE https://twitter.com/TerrorismOSINT/status/1297595111820337153?s=09
The 3rd axis far away from Enemy gaze. https://twitter.com/TerrorismOSINT/status/1302845839547670529?s=09
The day of Indian Military manoeuvre on the South Bank of Pangong lake 29/30 August. https://twitter.com/TerrorismOSINT/status/1303193721454825472?s=09
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