I guess we are back on #masks again today. (And goggles, too!?) 🙄 Again: Burden of proof is on GOVT to prove needed, no solution less invasive of #liberty. Why do we keep reversing this? Plenty of evidence that masks can be harmful, esp. cloth masks. Burden of proof not met. /1
“[C]loth masks and other fabric materials tested in the study had 40–90% instantaneous penetration levels....A poor filtration performance is expected for improvised fabric materials bc these materials are not designed for respiratory protection.” /6 https://academic.oup.com/annweh/article/54/7/789/202744
Studied the leakage that comes out the side of masks: “Surgical and hand-made masks, and face shields, generate several leakage jets, including intense backward and downwards jets that may present major hazards.” /7
"surgical and hand-made masks, and face shields, generate significant leakage jets that have the potential to disperse virus-laden fluid particles by several metres." /8
“General masks and handkerchiefs have no protection function in terms of the aerosol filtration efficiency.” “Medical #masks, general masks, and handkerchiefs were found to provide little protection against respiratory aerosols.” /9 https://aaqr.org/articles/aaqr-13-06-oa-0201.pdf
"The masks, contrary to expectation, were worn cheerfully and universally...[yet] no effect on the epidemic curve was to be seen. Something was plainly wrong with our hypotheses.” /10
“Masks have not been demonstrated to have a degree of efficiency that would warrant their compulsory application for the checking of epidemics.”
“A mask alone will not prevent health care workers with early Covid-19 from contaminating their hands and spreading the virus to patients and colleagues. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19.....”/12 https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2006372
“Exercising w/ facemasks may reduce available Oxygen & increase air trapping preventing substantial carbon dioxide exchange. The hypercapnic hypoxia may potentially increase acidic environment, cardiac overload, anaerobic metabolism & renal overload.."/14 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32590322 
“Ten RCTs were included in meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.” /16
“The evidence is not sufficiently strong to support widespread use of facemasks as a protective measure against COVID19.” /17 https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.01.20049528v1.full.pdf
Norwegian Institute of Public Health:
“The effect of medical face #masks is well-documented.... there is considerable uncertainty about the effect of non-medical face masks. The research so far indicates that they are less effective...." /20 https://www.fhi.no/en/op/novel-coronavirus-facts-advice/facts-and-general-advice/hand-hygiene-cough-etiquette-face-masks-cleaning-and-laundry/
Danish Health Authority
“In general, you do not have to wear a face #mask in public. . . . You must use the face mask correctly as otherwise, it can do more harm than good.” /21 https://www.sst.dk/en/english/corona-eng/faq
WHO (yes, current guidance): “At the present time, the widespread use of #masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high quality or direct scientific evidence & there are potential benefits & harms to consider.” /23 https://apps.who.int/iris/rest/bitstreams/1279750/retrieve
Again, the burden of proof is on the GOVERNMENT. It has to prove good cause to invade your #liberty in this way. Does it look to you like they've done it? We are a free people. #Mask or no mask, decide for yourself. /26 @TexasGOP @texasdemocrats @morganmeyertx @NathanForTexas
As a side note, the reason I had time to put this long string together is bc I am currently sitting in my car in a parking lot. I can't go into the gym where my kid is playing sports bc of @GregAbbott_TX's #mask mandate & a personal health reason that I can't wear a mask.... /27
So for those who think that those of us w/health considerations are living life unaffected bc pple understand no #mask: Think again. /28
And I am happy to share my personal feelings about masks again, here, because I hope I encourage others to speak out. #Masks aren't helping the pandemic curve. They are hurting a lot of people & keeping us down psychologically, though. /29 and END https://twitter.com/TaraRoss/status/1281604877060382720?s=20
@DrStevenHotze I assume you know about these studies for your lawsuit, but tagging you to be sure. There are more than these, even. I just got tired of chronicling them. 🙂🙃
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