You cannot open safely with large classes. A big part of Quebec's successful school re-opening (which I was extremely critical of and was very pleased with how it went) was that classes were capped at 15. My kids' class had 19 normally but could only accommodate 12 ... https://twitter.com/ColinDMello/status/1288887769981497345
... under the social distancing rules. So they had 12. The classes for the fall are being rebalanced and I'm not sure how things will look, but needless to say, having a max kindergarten class at 19 made this process far easier than 30, which is what it would be if we were in ON.
And in case you don't believe I know what I'm talking about, here is SickKids on the need for smaller class sizes. In one school in Trois-Rivières where there was an outbreak, it was important because the outbreak didn't actually expand past the one class https://twitter.com/jm_mcgrath/status/1288891888209207299?s=20
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