One of the craziest stories the @mailandguardian has ever published. A decade ago a project was launched to get a million solar water heaters to homes/offices. This would help people who couldn't afford electric heaters, and (crucially) could take pressure off the @Eskom_SA grid.
The quality was so poor that the programme was moved to @Energy_ZA. A tender to manufacture, supply, deliver and store the heaters was issued during the 2015-16 financial year, for a period of three years.
200 water heaters were installed in Nelson Mandela Bay as part of a pilot programme. None were installed at the 19 other municipalities earmarked for that part of the rollout.
Storage costs are charged per unit per day, rather than by floor area. With just 200 of the 87 000 solar water heaters installed, government has paid R289-million IN STORAGE COSTS for the heaters to sit, doing nothing.
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