BREAKING: school back full time in September in BC.
Education Minister @rob_fleming starting announcement of what September is going to look like acknowledging that many parents are students are anxious about what it's going to be like.
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Septmeber: BC Kids will be in cohorts - like pods beyond their classrooms.
Max 60 students in elementary school.
Max 120 students for middle and high school.
Some schedules will be adjusted - like some high schools may do 2 courses every ten weeks
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Dr henry saying they know schools can open if community transmission is low. Even with recent uptick in cases know they have the processes in place to track and halt transmission. It is working.
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The cohorts or learning groups, Dr henry says - is groups of students and teachers/staff who will remain only with each other for the school year. Means in the event of a case the transmission possibilities will be limited.
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Dr Henry says they settled on the number of kids in cohorts with a formula with 2X max kids in a classroom.
Correction from what I said the max 60 is for elem and middle. 120 is senior students.
Henry says masks can be used in tight spaces.
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If there is a change in transmissions in the community, Dr Henry says it's possible this plan may have to change.
They know cases can arise but public health is ready to respond and support like they do with other communicable diseases.
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Here are some of the addtional measures including cleaning the province has for fall....
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