2/5 This makes a lot of sense. Tesla has a definite edge in much of the technology driving the re-invention of the auto industry - from batteries, to autonomy systems, to software to UX.

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3/5 Selling the technology to competitors will not hurt its sales as it knows how to package that technology into an appealing whole which resonates with buyers. It is far ahead of its competitors on product/market fit.

#Tesla #ElonMusk #Musk #ThinkBig #AI #AutonomousVehicles
4/5 #Tesla moves much faster than the established competitors. They have managed crises before (industry has always been cyclical) but this is the mother of all down cycles, and they seem ill-prepared to fend off an agile, smart and determined competitor.

#ThinkBig #AI
5/5 #Tesla wins, and wins some more with this. Sales to competitors mean further validation of Tesla's technological lead, substantial revenue & ownership of the technology backbone on which its competitors are building their future. Tesla will own a good chunk of their future.
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