Here are the questions I'd ask at today's Big Tech hearing (included in today's @dealbook). Rather than ask them about their own companies -- which they will likely defend -- these questions are about their fellow panelists...
To @JeffBezos: For years, users of the iOS Kindle app have been forced to buy e-books using a web browser because @amazon has refused to pay @Apple the 30 percent cut it takes on all in-app payments. Do you believe that policy is an abuse of Apple’s market power?
To @tim_cook: If Alphabet did not pay to make @Google the default search engine on @Apple devices, which search engine would you make your default? If Google is indeed the best search engine, regardless of the fee, do you believe its success relies on stifling competition?
To @sundarpichai: Amazon refuses to sell your Google Home products because they compete with its own Echo line of devices. Do you think Amazon has gained its huge share of the U.S. smart speakers fairly? Separately, did Google+ fail because of Facebook’s dominance of the space?
To Zuckerberg: None of your competitors own the kind of supervoting shares in their companies that you hold in Facebook. Are they less successful because of it? If not, why should you wield that level of power?
Bonus question for all panelists: Under what circumstances would you support the U.S. government revisiting previously agreed upon and approved mergers or acquisitions?
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