Here are the top 10 actionable lessons I've learned from the world's most successful people by working on the @ProfileRead every week:

2. Start from first principles

So many of us do things a certain way simply b/c that’s how they’ve always been done. Few ask, “Why?” @elonmusk says we need to think like a scientist and start with only the information you know to be scientific fact.
4. Normalize your life

Shonda Rhimes says: “You don’t want a baby? Don’t have one. You want to love someone? Love someone. Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be.” Normalize your life.
7. Ask for what you want

Esther Perel says behind every criticism is a veiled wish. Rather than saying, “I’d like a cup of water,” you say, “Why did you take a cup for yourself and not me?” Rather than starting an argument, ask for what you want.
8. Visualize a better reality

On death row, Anthony Ray Hinton figured out a technique that was able to get him out of his tragic circumstances: Daydreaming. “I never used my mind for garbage,” he says. “I used it to cope through some lonely days.”
9. Do one thing every day that sucks

Amelia Boone enjoys running when it’s cold, dark, or raining. “It forces you to go through hard things in not-ideal conditions,” she says. Indirectly, that helps cultivate mental toughness in other areas of your life.
10. Live by the 5-to-1 ratio

John Gottman says happy couples have 5 positive interactions to every negative interaction. “A smile, a head nod, even just grunting to show you’re listening.” This magic ratio enhances the positivity in any relationship
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