Some excellent reporting here from @rrpre but a glaring omission -

The state is subsidizing most training for entry level CDL drivers; this is an operational pillar for all large carriers, and *THE* main cause behind turnover and why the driver wage floor is in the basement.
Also not noted anywhere in the trucking discourse, except by Steve Viscelli, who Rachel references in OP - the gutting of manufacturing in America for the last 40+ years has created an underclass of desperate people looking for any work they can get cont’d
Naturally, many of them flock to trucking schools and their offers of better than average wages - as noted, this is subsidized by the taxpayer, many of them can’t hack it and wash out, turnover remains super high, and driver wages suppressed, all to benefit large corporations.
In conclusion - the boogieman of deregulation rests completely on a system of taxpayer subsidized job training for a job that most people can’t handle, debases everyone’s wages, and soaks the taxpayer.

Maybe @rrpre could pick up where Viscelli left off, and investigate further
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