As Vedic astrology gains popularity, it’s important for all non-Hindus to realize that Hinduism is a religion that is still followed by millions of people. As such, the deities and mythology are still worshipped by devotees and outsiders needs to be respectful...
It’s not like tropical astrology, where all the myths are based off of an ancient religion that is no longer practiced.
The myths that Vedic astrology draws from are part of an existing religious belief system, so you can’t just twist them to fit your narrative, create new ideas to suit your desire to be innovative or speak of our deities casually.
Last thing- Since Hinduism is still followed by millions, like all religion, it is politicized so don’t just ignore the context of Hindu scripture or how it’s used to justify casteism, misogyny or Hindu nationalism.
K im getting off my soapbox 😎
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