As reports suggest that the #HongKong government could announce next week postponing the #Legco2020 legislative elections by as much as a year, this #thread tries to take a look back at the key dates leading to this possible decision
April - Pro- #Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho proposes postponing the #Legco polls due in September because of #coronavirus

April - June - #HK enjoys a period of largely no local #Covid19 infections, while the problem of a lack of testing for seafarers left unresolved
Mid-June - A #COVID cluster develops in a public estate in Sha Tin, with officials unable to trace its source of infection

30 June - Govt announces 9 seafarers who boarded a container ship in #HK tested +ve for #Covid19 in Ningbo 
Note - 30 June was a day when much of #HongKong, especially the press, were focused on the #NationalSecurityLaw

5 July - A local #Covid19 cluster starts to develop, 1 patient working at a Cha Chaan Teng which health experts suggest only recently it could be related to seafarers
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