Anyone in New Zealand thinking @jacindaardern is going to win the next election on Sep 19th needs to be wake up fast. Arron Banks & Andy Wigmore are in New Zealand , contracted by New Zealand First's Winston Peters to win them another 20 seats.
The Daily Telegraph's Christopher Hope also reports up to 6 of the Leave EU team are there on total, an we can be sure that they are using their UK base/resources to create another vile social media campaign, maybe with Chloe Westley. They are using private 'PAC' donations...
..again to hide the scale of money being given to Peters, and also where it came from.
Dont forget Peter Thiel who owns PayPal is the world's biggest and nastiest Libertarian and controls Palantir and much of Facebook. This is a VERY serious issue and New Zealand are ....
..likely to be TOTALLY unware how to deal with this massive threat to democracy, truth, global stability & peace & the climate/environment

Please tell everyone you know in NZ and get them up to speed and ask them to do everything to shut down these fascists and their crimes
I can PROMISE that Peters WILL make enough gains to cause a huge upset in NZ unless EVERYONE there has a massive wake up call as to how dangerous Banks & Wigmore are AND Zac Goldsmith who is speaking in Wellington next week. Remember:Chloe Westley works closely with Zac
and this is the kind of vile fake news/themes Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Zac Goldsmith and their social media hyenas will be spreading in New Zealand - please report this tweet and be on the lookout for more similar ones :
* sorry for the typos, I had only just woken up myself :-/
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