Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

A micron = 1 millionth of a meter
Bacteria = 1/2 micron on average
#Coronavirus = 1/10th of a micron

You could stack 7 thousand microns vertically and horizontally to fill 1 hole of a cloth mask with 49 million viruses
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

No one is so sick that they could spew 49 million viruses through 1 hole, & that's just one hole in a mask large enough to cover our nose and mouth

Wearing masks all the time is like using a chain-link fence to stop bugs
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

N-95 mask will stop 95% of any particulate 3 microns and larger, but the virus is 1/10th of 1 micron. Warning: used for certain particles, misuse may result in sickness and death. These MUST be fit-tested before use.
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

Ear loop masks will not provide ANY protection against COVID-19 or other virus

The surgeon general has already stated that masks do not help. The CDC has reaffirmed that they do NOT recommend the general public wear masks
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

A study done in 2015, for medical students: those wearing surgical masks touched their face 23 times on average. So wearing a mask improperly will increase your chance to get sick.
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

#FauciTheFraud has already backpedaled on his statement to @60Minutes:

In march 2020 on 60 minutes, #Fauci already stated that the people should not be walking around with face masks.

We all saw him at the game...
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

Health risks for those with #cancer or heart issues: the mask reduces breathing and leads to a decline of blood-oxygen levels, and an elevation of blood CO2 levels causing headaches, sickness, or even death.
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

Drops in oxygen levels impairs immunity. Both the oxygen deprivation & the immunity reduction, create a perfect storm for cancer patients. Cancer grows best in a micro-environment low in oxygen, & heart issues increase.
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

The only reason they want us to wear masks is because they are a symbol of control, slavery, & silencing. They want to gauge who is willing to submit to their control & be willing to comply by pre-conditioning.
Why #Masks, including #N95, do not work against #COVID19

Listen to this scum @AlanDersh: "you have no right not to be vaccinated, no right to not wear a mask, no right to not open your business"
More filth from @AlanDersh:

"the state has the power to literally take you to a doctors office and plunge the needle into your arm"

"I would like to see a government mandate...I will argue that in the Supreme Court of the US against your views"

Come try it Alan, you scum
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