What I don’t have is a Linette Lopez joke... so... that’s a problem.
I had a Mark B. Spiegel joke, but it’s toilet humor.
I had a Jim Chanos joke, but it just didn’t work out.
I had a Gordon L. Johnson joke, but we believe it’s fundamentally worthless.
I had an Adam Jonas joke, but I can’t decide whether it’s atrocious or brilliant.
I had a Machine Planet joke, but it’s plane crazy.
I had a TESLAcharts joke, but I kept having to change it.
I had a Matthew Battle joke, but it never made any sense.
I had a Russ Mitchell joke, but I must have inadvertently blocked it out.
I had a Neal Boudette joke, but I could never figure out how to work 2 cellos into it.
I’ve got an ICE joke and it kills.
I had a Montana Skeptic joke- and it sounded good- but it tested poorly.
I had a Martín Tripp joke, but I scrapped it and fled the country.
I have a joke about reserving a Nikola hydrogen semi, but you won’t get it.
I had a Cristina Balan joke, but its appeal is limited.
I had a joke about gas stations, but it’s dirty. I don’t go there anymore.
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