Let's enjoy some comedy from the Qs over at Moody's!


"... the weak governance at Tesla also constrains the rating ..."

Moody's "I Hate Elon" penalty, talking about the "weak governance" that has built several multibillion dollar companies from scratch.
"...upgraded the ratings of Tesla, Inc., including the Corporate Family Rating to B2 from B3..."

Four levels lower than that of Ford, a company drowning in debt and rapidly en route to bankruptcy, and now back to the rating Tesla had in March '19.
"$8.6 billion in cash ... will provide much-needed liquidity as the company faces increasingly challenging market conditions and investment demands."

"Increasingly challenging market conditions"? Does Moody's know something about a supervolcano or giant asteroid that we don't?
"Tesla does not compete in what will be the much larger hybrid electric vehicles"
"Tesla will face considerable challenges, not the least being the deteriorating global economic outlook following the spread of the coronavirus outbreak"

If you thought "having their main factory shut down half the quarter" was bad, wait until you see what Moody's has planned!
"Moody's ... anticipates Tesla's 2020 sales growth will be in the mid-to-high single-digits"

Factory closed half the quarter, now with expanded production, and Model Y going online in China = "mid to high single digits growth"!
(They apparently forgot the tagline "By Lora Kolodny". ;) )
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