Wow. A week ago the CEO of San Diego hospital conglomerate Scripps told @KUSINews that they were going to "max out" the ICU beds!

That scaremongering even has his employees upset... who are now sharing inside information with me!

102 patients down form 117

There's more!
The most southern hospital in Scripps network shows that 35% of COVID19 patients are from "encounters with Mexico travel". Does Dr. Wooten know this? Do these count with our #'s? Are they ex-pats? I love helping our neighbors but if it counts against our "outbreaks" what then? 2/
And did you see that the peak of "encounters with Mexico travel" happened weeks ago!

Also, 20% of employees in that hospital tested positive for #COVID19. This is pretty common but that would be good to know! When did that happen? How many?

We're making policy in the dark.
Here's another kicker... the ERs are basically empty... slower and MUCH lower than they were last year.

People are freaking out about the #COVID19 and the CEO of Scripps is stoking those fears.

Share your info. Stop scaring San Diegans Chris!
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