I'm a Brahmin but I abhor the age-old Caste system that exists even today. It's a curse snd the main reason why Hindus are perennially divided.
Is being a Brahmin good or bad in India?
Here's an UNCUT copy of an interesting #Thread of #Whatsapp post written by a staunch Maratha.
I'm not a Brahmin, I'm a Maratha but I think I can give answer based on my observations of last few years.
Being a Brahmin in today's India is like being a Jew in 1930s Germany.
Jews were a very small percentage of Germany's population, but were blamed..for all problems of the german society.
Today in India same thing is happening. Brahmins are being made scapegoat for all problems of society, despite being a very small percentage of the population.
Brahmins are not even rich or powerful. Most of them are middle class like everybody else and many are either poor priests who earn living by religious ceremonies like marriage, or doing odd jobs, or jobless.
Brahmins do not have any reservations nor they are given....
....any special subsidies by government. Yet they are blamed for everything.
Communists, Islamic radicals and all anti-Hindu groups of are constantly bashing and hating Brahmins. They are being made scapegoats for everything like the jews were made in Germany.
Adi Shankaracharya, A brahmin from Kerala, revived the Vedic religion with his sheer will, intelligence and debating power. It was the Brahmins who preserved and saved the knowledge of Vedas, Upnishads, Brahma Sutras, Bhagvad Gita....
..through a 1000 year slavery of Islam!c invaders and British colonists.
It was the Brahmins who kept (and are still keeping) the Sanskrit language alive. The person who spread the Maratha empire to it’s largest size and destroyed the Mughal empire was a Brahmin (Bajirao Peshwa).
Brahmins are the links that are connecting us to the ancient Vedic civilization. Without Brahmins, the Vedic civilization would have died out like the Persian, Greek, Egyptian, Roman and many other dead civilizations.
Hindus of all castes fought to save our religion, but Brahmins were the ones who saved the core texts and traditions of Vedic Dharma.British colonists were Brahmin-haters. There's a saying in english “To kill a snake, cut its head off.”
Similarly, to k!ll Hindu religion, they tried to wipe out Brahmins.
The anti-Hindu forces in India know this and that is why they are going after Brahmins like Nazis went after Jews in the 1940s.
A lot of people often bring up that low castes have been mistreated by Brahmins in the past. That's true and I oppose caste discrimination. But everyone ignores the fact that all Hindus, Buddhists, Jains have been treated worse by Islam!c rulers...
Brahmins never led genocidal campaigns against anyone like the Islam!c invaders did.
Brahmins were only powerful in the early Vedic period 2500 years ago. After birth of Buddhism in 500 BC, Indians rejected the authority of Brahmins and slowly converted to Buddhism.
Buddhism was majority religion for a long time until 8th century when Shankaracharya revived the Vedic religion. Only 200 years after that the Islam!c invasions started and india bacame a colony of Islam!c rulers.
After end of Mughal empire, the British colonists quickly took over all the power.
Brahmins have not been in position of power for about last 1000 years in India. All political, economical & administrative power was consolidated in the hands of Islam!c emperors & then the British
Most of the poverty and inequality in today's India is result of colonialism and capitalism. Why Brahmins are blamed for the conditions created by Foreign invaders and colonists?.....
The current generation Brahmins are least bothered about what others feel about Brahmins since they mind their own business. They have become successful worldwide sans India. They have even earned a niche in Massachusetts.
The Brahmins of Boston is a popular adage to address the upper echelons. They are very successful entrepreneurs. They are in key positions in numerous parastatals and innumerable MNCs.
The new gen Brahmins migrate to the various corners of the world and carve their own niche in their field of expertise.

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