1.5 Yesterday was the second time where the number of daily new #Covid19 cases in 🇱🇧 exceeds 120. Unlike the first time, it was not caused by a single large cluster, but rather a multiple of smaller geographically dispersed clusters or individuals. Other troubling observations:
2.5 #Covid19 continue to arrive through the airport. Yet the majority of the new +ve cases have no demonstrable relation to travel. Worryingly, almost half of local cases have no clear contact history with other #Covid19 cases. We are clearly entering a phase of community spread.
3.5 Another record set yesterday was the number of tests per day (7403). Is more testing revealing more cases? The answer is no, the increase is genuine. This conclusion is based on the large increase in hospitalizations, critical cases, and deaths.
4.5 More healthcare workers are getting infected (180+). Each infection leads to the quarantine of multiple other workers who were in contact. This further depletes much needed hospital capacity. The rise in cases will be an arduous test to hospitals and months of preparedness.
5.5 Finally, students were part of positive cases reported. Teens are more mobile, less constrained, and like to be in groups. Young patients usually do well, but can infect their elders. In summer, the energy of youth is hard to contain; so too, it seems, is #Covid19.
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