To all the bozos on Twitter, CNBC and Bloomberg claiming the index funds/ETFs were buying $TSLA ahead of them getting added into the S&P... I spoke to 2 friends tonight at Fidelity and Vanguard that confirmed it’s absolutely false. The index fund/ETF buying has not started yet.
Once again, in case anyone has missed my $TSLA tweets over the past two months about getting added into the S&P here’s the recap...
$TSLA will have a market cap tomorrow morning of $300-325 billion depending on where the stock opens.

Right now $MA is the 10th largest company in the S&P 500 with a market cap of $314 billion and $PG is the 11th largest with a market cap of $312 billion.
It appears that $TSLA will be somewhere between 10th and 12th.

Both $MA and $PG have a market cap weighting of approximately 1.25% so it stands to reason that $TSLA will Haas the same.
According to recent data there’s approx $4.5 trillion indexes to the S&P 500 via mutual funds and ETF’s. The overwhelming majority of these financial securities are market cap weighted with a very small fraction being equal weighted.
Taking $4.5T in assets x 1.25% means those funds/ETF’s will need to buy approx $56 billion of $TSLA stock.

I’m no math genius but $56 billion / $1650 per share = 34 million shares

$TSLA only has a float of 186 million shares so that means 18% of the float needs to be bought
All I can say for $TSLA shareholders is GIDDY UP 🚀🚀🚀
I have other sources saying index funds/ETF’s would’ve been crazy to buy $TSLA ahead of earnings but now that we know they’re eligible for the S&P the buying could start this week otherwise they risk paying higher prices which makes it harder to track the S&P index.
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