From OHA State Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger: " Our models told us we would see more infections, more hospitalizations and more deaths when we reopened – and that’s what we continue to see."
"Here's where the situation stands today: Yesterday, the number of confirmed and presumptive cases of #COVID19 in #Oregon topped 15,000 and we reported 7 deaths, which matched our all-time high from the worst days of the pandemic."
"Hospitalizations continue to rise, but not as fast as new infections, in part because we’re seeing more cases of COVID-19 among younger people who tend to experience milder symptoms and have fewer underlying conditions. Our treatments for patients in the hospital are improving."
"Today, Oregon hospitals continue to have an adequate number of ICU beds & ventilators to treat people w/severe COVID-19 illness. But we can’t ignore the looming danger – if left unchecked, we’re on a trajectory to overwhelm our health care system with cases in the future."
"So what’s driving increased #COVID19 cases in #Oregon? The good news is big outbreaks have become less of a factor & we have more resources to assist with isolation and quarantine. The bad news is sporadic cases are growing & Oregon's contact tracing capacity is under strain."
"How do we suppress #COVID19 in #Oregon and drive transmission rates back down? The steps @OregonGovBrown announced today build on previous measures she has announced in recent weeks. These measures are designed to slow community spread and address hotspots."
"But stopping #COVID19 in #Oregon isn’t just my job or Governor Brown’s job. It’s the job of every single person in Oregon. Your health depends on everyone around you and the health of everyone around you depends on you. You can help by following these steps."
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