Thread: Why NASA called a Vaidic Scientist ?

On April 10, 2019 Black Hole Picture was released , When Vaidic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik presented his views on the black hole , he received a call , callers claimed they are from NASA
Scientist released first time a picture of a SuperMassive Black Hole , at the center of M87.
After releasing this picture , a scientist A.K. Mira also argued that the work "Black Hole Picture" is misleading term, and he told why this is not a black hole but a black hole mimicker.
After this , Vaidic Scientist acharya agnivrat presented his view on this picture , He told the point of view of vaidic physics on Black Hole. On the same night he received a call with 4 digit number , the persons who called claimed himself from NASA
In this video Acharya agnivrat argued why this picture belongs to black hole mimickers , which are very big stars but not black holes , he revealed that modern science thinks "black" is not a color but it is devoid of light , which is fine BUT the reality has another feature too.
He revealed that apart from above idea Black is also a color , as per Vedas some rasmies radiates or produce black color , these rashmi are called brihati chhand rashmi , these are present inside very big stars , hence because of these that star looks black.
Modern science thinks that light cannot escape from black hole but this is proved wrong by an Indian scientist A.K. Mitra & many observation are against it.
Vaidic Physics tells the above reason behind black appearance of these strange objects.
before going further let me tell you another secret , An american Author David Hatcher childress wrote a book in 1985 & revealed that the Chinese space agencies became successful in their space mission after getting a Sanskrit manuscript in lhasa , which talks about space mission
It is clear that many giants science agencies secretly working to get the benefit from ancient Indian knowledge. They are aware about science in Vedas , i do not say every science today is revealed from Vedas BUT secretly many took the benefit from it.
Now after telling all such research of Vedas in the video , Acharya Agnivrat received some calls from NASA , Chinese Space Agencies & Russian Space agency too.
On the same day , they received a call where the caller claimed himself from NASA.
When caller was told that acharya can talk in hindi , he arranged a person who knew hindi language , he claimed himself Indian astronaut in NASA, They said NASA is studying their research on Vedas and can claim your research to be a story only.
Further ,They said 2 scientist in NASA are watching your video on Black Hole , they talked continue up to 19:05 minutes , after that they received another call and talked for 54 minutes where they asked soft copy of VedVigyanAlok ,
When Acharya asked why ? they said NASA will study it through AI.
After this another call received where some guys were abusing Acharya agnivrat.
Acharya agnivrat reported All these numbers to police for further investigation.
The investigation team reported that these numbers are not from India but outside and further investigation is still going on. Because of privacy companies do not share the details easily, so it is taking time who these people are actually ?
Even , Chinese and Russian space agencies also called them, The person from Russian agency were talking with respect and they said to Acharya Agnivrat that 21 people can come from India to our space agency for the research purpose.
But Acharya said: First he will work with India, the benefit of his work should goes to India , so he cannot work with them If Indian govt. doesn't support him.
India is first for him & to Chinese he strictly said he don't want to work with them. These numbers also reported
After reporting such numbers , they haven't received any such call. Further investigation is going on , it is confirmed that these calls were not from India.
But the irony is that Indian govt. is not helping research on Vedas while other space agencies want to take benefit.
They also tried to contact PM & written a letter to @PMOIndia but there are some people inside the govt who doesn't want this work to be happen , they somehow always stops from getting contact to PM. If this continue the others will take the benefit and we will left to weep.
As per some unconfirmed sources NASA got little benefit from Acharya Agnivrat's Research on Vedas , from VedVigyanAlok.
If this continue and the west get the all research we Indians are only worth of weeping.
Without govt. support it is not possible to present our vedic research to the whole world , If govt. support this research No one can stop India to become the Real VishwaGuru.
So please show some support to Acharya Agnivrat @vaidicphysics , and let their voice reach to PM.
Either support the real ancient Science of Vedas or just stay in your imaginary world of ancient science , First time someone is giving a 200 years ahead science from Vedas , and we are just sleeping. I bet if the govt. supports No one can stop India.
I am listing some of his work as sample:
1.Vaidic Theory of Universe
2. Solar core radius from Vaidic Grantha
3. Faster than light -
4. PanchMahabhut

One can see this video where acharya agnivrat told about it , in video he thinks may be it is not nasa but he also written a letter to PM where he said NASA is working on his book as per some unconfirmed sources. It's all under investigation.
Let me make it clear that @dr_satyapal ji tried to tell our research to modi ji , and they tried to setup a meeting of modiji with acharya ji ,some people think it is fake , let me tell you if this is fake , they won't try to contact govt and modi.
To those who says it is a fake news first read full thread and one more important point , SOG Rajasthan Team is investigating on it. They have the recording and they sent it to SOG Team.
And if something happened like this we have full right to present it - as it is. That's what we have done.
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