I have a few thoughts about this, particularly about the lack of criminal charges for what was a pretty violent & brutal death. Want to start off by saying that I am generally skeptical of the utility of criminal punishment to achieve any of its stated goals—deterrence, etc. 2/10
But it's impossible to ignore the pattern of police consistently going easy on industries that abuse animals, while launching serious, frivolous criminal prosecutions against animal advocates who try to help them. 3/10
No charges for multiple incidents, captured on camera, where truck drivers play "chicken" with activists outside Fearmans and drive into them. Sometimes they get out of the way, sometimes the truck stops after ramming into them at a low enough speed that nobody dies. 5/10
Animal advocates also regularly report serious suffering inside transport trucks at Fearmans, heat exhaustion and frostbite, and sick / injured / dead / dying animals. All of which is illegal, but CFIA ( @InspectionCan) never prosecutes Fearmans or the trucking company. 6/10
And of course, there have been numerous hidden-camera exposés revealing secret suffering on Ontario farms and slaughterhouses. Criminal charges have never been laid. Provincial charges were only laid twice, out of about 10 undercover exposés with clear video evidence. 7/10
BUT... anytime the farm industry complains about the an animal advocate, the police are happy to throw the book at them. Animal Save Movement founder Anita Krajnc was charged with criminal mischief in 2015 for giving water to thirsty, suffering pigs on a hot day. 8/10
Police regularly lay unwarranted, trumped-up criminal charges against citizens who go onto farms and take photos / videos of suffering animals in cages. (Trespass is a provincial offence, not a criminal offence.) Ontario just passed ag gag laws to further target activists. 9/10
Some parity would be nice. Halton Police should at a bare minimum explain why they're laying a less serious provincial charge against the meat industry, which they previously directly acted to protect when they prosecuted Anita Krajnc during the #PigTrial. 10/10
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