When you read a "we did everything right and still got sick" coronavirus story, be skeptical of the claim.

A lot of times you'll find language that hedges the everything. Like "mostly," "for the most part," "almost always," etc.

It only takes one complacent moment to get sick
The main thing that concerns me about the growing prevalence of these stories and the lack of skepticism around them is that they may ultimately make people feel that nothing can keep them safe. And if people think that they may let their guard down or stop trying.
This isn't about victim blaming or lack of compassion for people who get sick. This is just a conversation about different approaches to risk assessment and the importance of understanding not everyone has the same level of risk aversion.
We just have to understand when we read these stories "I did everything right" means someone is doing everything within their own level of comfort with risk taking. And everyone is going to have a different idea about what that is.
"Right" is really not universal. Especially when there are no consistent federal or state guidelines and no consistent experts to turn to and no consistent leadership.

We all are figuring out our own "right" so when you hear the word it's largely subjective.
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