Object of Analysis: Scream 2 (1997):

Within horror, screams are a sonic representation of fear or terror. I urge us to complicate our understandings of screams on-screen and off.
Scream 2, a part of Wes Craven’s satirical horror franchise, opens with an acknowledgement of racism and racial difference.
When Maureen Evans, portrayed by Jada Pinkett-Smith, goes to watch a slasher film that is also a satire of ‘Scream with her boyfriend, Phil Stevens, portrayed by Omar Epps, she explains to him that Black people always die in horror films first.
This acknowledgement alone, meant to serve as humor, results in her boyfriend being murdered first in the movie theater bathroom. The killer, searches for his next victim in the movie theater itself.
It is apparent that he is looking for the Black woman who was with his last victim. Pretending to be Maureen’s boyfriend he stabs her as she sits in the movie theater.
She gets up and begins to scream, and the audience assumes that this is part of the fanfare of the film- they cheer. As she screams from the pain, fear and utter disgust of how invisible and invisible she is to the white audience, she dies.
The beginning sequence of this film can serve as a means to shape our understandings of how to engage the sonics of Black women’s screams, even through the screams of Frederick Douglass’ Aunt Hester.
Saidiya Hartman’s full text, ‘Scenes of Subjection’, is most useful for study. her discussion of Frederick Douglass’ Aunt Hester’s scream, urges us to consider violent associations of the Scream- the Black woman’s shriek.

Also see: Fred Moten’s ‘In the Break’
It’s imperative to consider Hartman’s decision to not recount the violences of Aunt Hester, while also introducing her trauma.
Although, Kartik Nair’s “Scream Queens” article is not explicitly about Blackness, this work offers an understanding of the process of the recording and dubbing of women’s screams in cinema. 
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