This tweet is misleading. Yes, research isn't automatically open source *in general,* incl. COVID19 research. However, COVID19 has led to unprecedented sharing of research. That open source isn't the norm is fcked up, but what we are NOT going to do is
tweet scaremongering "the scientists are lying to you & hoarding information!" bullsh¡t that ignores context. Like how COVID19 is fundamentally changing the way scientists & countries treat and share research data. China frex has been extraordinarily open abt the virus from day 1
and more and more scientists are choosing to make their research on COVID19 free and open to anyone to access.

It sucks that open source isn't the default - but the corona crisis is actually changing that paradigm.
"Why are all scientists not putting their heads together on this one" look. More scientists ARE doing this. There's been such a shift in how we handle information that there's also conflict about whether research should be fast-tracked to publication w/o peer review.
The reason some scientists may be more conservative abt info-sharing is that humans do things like hoard hydroxychloroquine and drink bleach because people are panicking, and what if the research is wrong? Like that opinion piece warning against steroids for COVID19 patients?
Anyway, I think no one should have to steal information about vaccine research. I hope that if something good comes from this crisis, it's a permanent paradigm shift in how we share/access scientific research, and more science literacy among the general public.
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