#PublicHealth actions during #COVID19 are compared to war like scenarios. It cannot be disputed that wars are won by soldiers, not mere machines. The welfare of soldiers is of paramount importance; salary, perks and respect. Next, the training of soldiers should be best. 1ofN
While machinery for #COVID19India are being bought at scale, no proportionate attention is given to the plight of health workers. Calling them warriors without due measures taken to take care of their welfare or training is diabolical. 2/N
Health workforce has to bear burden of selective imposition of morality. Surge in cases has led to the breakdown of healthcare systems and an increase in case fatality rates. Motivating the health workers is very important not just for #covid19 but for any health emergency. 3/n
-State Governments should announce a term insurance of at least 2crores for every health worker who might die due to covid19.
-Dedicated hospitals & beds should be reserved for healthcare workers including provision of entire medical expenditure borne by the Government. 4/n
-Every day a health care worker works (in temporary shifts or permanent) should get deserving salary as per CGHS scale. During #covid19, Orissa & Haryana states doubled the salary. Generous payment for part time workers should be announced for the duration of covid19
-Shifts should be made mandatory & rest should be provided at regular intervals.
-Re-orientation of Health staff should be done regarding infection prevention control practices
- People first: Primary health care in urban areas should be strengthened https://twitter.com/epigiri/status/1282150116367806464?s=20
Ensuring the motivation of health workforce is non negotiable . Mere words do not mean anything. Contrary to this, healthcare workers have become the victims of discrimination. It is time to overhaul human resources with oxygen of reforms; otherwise, ventilators don't help. n/n
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