Today the world changed forever.
Why? Because a group of Artificial Intelligence researchers released something called "GPT-3".
In short: it's a computer program that can interact like a ridiculously intelligent human.
And it will blow your mind 👇
I used to write papers on AI safety at @Cambridge_Uni, but today is the most excited I've been in a long time.
Here's why...

Exhibit A: GPT-3 can take normal speech, and automatically turn it into 'lawyer speak'

Implication: lawyers, start learning to code, and fast...
Exhibit B: it can take written text, and turn it into fully functioning code - in real-time.

Implication: to those lawyers who just learned to code - yeah, sorry about that.

Maybe try one of the creative industries?
Then again maybe not. Because...

Exhibit C: this thing writes poetry. And it's actually not that bad!

Implication: if this is version 1, this thing will go on to produce works of beautiful art.

So what's next. Philosophy? Surely that's off-limits... 
Nope. Turns out this thing is Descartes reincarnate.

Exhibit D: a 100% unique and deeply profound sentence, generated by GPT-3.

Implication: I am actually slightly lost on this one. It's beyond the limits of my comprehension this late in the evening....
Right. So it can do law, coding, poetry, and philosophy.

At least my role as CEO is safe though, right?

Exhibit E: GPT-3 can write genuinely helpful, data-driven business strategies.

Implication: this thing will run companies someday. Someday soon...
I could go on. The examples are endless, and this thing has *only just been released into the wild*.

Combined with the boundless ingenuity of the human race, the possibilities of GPT-3 are too far-reaching to summarise in a single tweet thread.

But I will say this:
The human race will survive, or perish, as a result of the Artificial Intelligence we build (or do not build).

One of my favourite books dives deep on this:
GPT-3 gives but a glimpse into the power we're soon to unleash.

Thankfully, organisations like @OpenAI (who built this model) are pathing the way to safe & sustainable AI.

Employing the world's greatest minds to ensure that AI remains a force for good 
I'll leave you with this strange and beautiful paragraph, written by GPT-3 (when prompted - in bold - to describe a very specific scene): 
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I took a twitter deep-dive last night and realised there are a lot of speedy founders already building on top of this. Investors will be all over GPT-3 📝 👀
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