I didn't want to do this but someone made an accusation that majority of killing of Muslims in Delhi pogrom was by Dalits. This is baseless.
Example: Caste of 9 people arrested in FIR 102, 103: Thakur, Brahmin, Jat, unknown, Thakur, OBC, Jat, Jat


BJP leaders whose names keep coming up in complaints:
Kapil Mishra - Brahmin
Jagdish Pradhan - Jat or Upper Caste
Mohan Bisht - Pahari Thakur
Satyapal Singh - Jat
Nandkishor Gujjar - Gujjar
Brijmohan Sharma - Brahmin
Only Kanhaiya Lal is possibly Dalit, but I'm not sure. 3/3
This is not to say that Dalits have never been mobilised by Majoritarian forces to attack minorities. This happened in 1984, 2002 and 2013 Trilokpuri but it didn't happen in 2020 Delhi pogrom also 2013 Muzaffarnagar to some extent.
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