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Lot of people have asked about 'Aryan Invasion Theory' (AIT) and where it stands today.

An effort to bring various pieces together.

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AIT was propounded at the time when most of the technologies were not available (e.g. Astronomical S/w, DNA Profiling, Paleontologist studies). AIT states that Aryan were Europeans who came on horses with 'Ayas' and settled during ~2000 BC.
The cause of AIT propagation was to establish racial superiority and colonising India.

When they found Indian culture far rich and advanced, they stole it and termed Indus valley inhabitants as Aryan race who drove Dravidian to south.
Long story of inferiority terming rich culture into inferior.

Treaty of Tordesillas entered between Spain and Portugal sanctioned by Pope Julius II to share the world by two powers was trigger point of comparison in faith and civilisations.

As per Treaty, Columbus (a Spanish Sailor) went westwards and ‘discovered’ America in AD 1492.

Vasco-Da-Gama 1460-1524 (a Portuguese Sailor) sailed eastwards to discover sea route to India Calicut on 20th May 1498
[pic indicative]
17th Century, Spain and Portugese colonised several territories including parts of India. Germans felt left behind. They started to dig in Sanskrit to match their own Language
German Indologist Herder 1744-1803, Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel (1772-1829) worked to prove that Europeans were great amongst Greeks and Romans and called #sanskrit as mother language of all
German William Jones 1746-1794 theorised mapped Indian figures into Biblical framework. He mapped ‘Manu’ as ‘Adam’ ‘Narasimha’ as ‘Nimrod’.

He said “Either the first eleven chapters of genesis are true or the whole fabric of our national religion is false”
Britishers took forward this theory of Aryan’s racism superiority to control ‘India’.
1830, Macaulay was appointed convert India to a Christian country. He wanted Indologist Max Muller (1823-1900).
Mueller propounded the theory of Arya as a race of a family of languages and who spoke them – linguistic divide.
as per him, Riv Veda claimed only Brahman, Kshatriya as Aryan and categorized Sudra as non-Aryan. He called “Arya” (or Aryan) a race.

Max Muller’s Aryan linguistic category was converted by Risley into caste 1901 Census in India

He carried out “Nasal Index” to classify jatis as Hindus and tribes as non-Hindus.

He decided that Indian consists of 2378 main casts and tribes and 43 races.

The racial theories landed up in several regional conflicts consequently and subsequently
1. Holocaust & WW-II
2. Rawanda conflict
3. Naval conflict and First Independence War by India in 1857
Euro-Indologist chose to ignore River Saraswati which is mentioned in RigVeda 65 times

Vaidic wisdom existed 9KYA BC

Horses and Chariots were present in India way before belief of indologists. https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1166374944214642688?s=20
Imagine Rich knowledge in Veda written in Scientific Language #Sanskrit https://twitter.com/AstroAmigo/status/1283456788197564417?s=20

The Rich Vedic History as old as 33KYA @NileshOa https://twitter.com/ARUNADE6/status/1278605996756066304?s=20

India as Navigation Giant in 3kBCE https://twitter.com/i__Mystic/status/1282560124826128385?s=20

Dentistry in 9kBCE https://twitter.com/i__Mystic/status/1282276409575182337?s=20

Pre-harappan sites in Gujarat

Discovery of Dock in #Lothal dating ~3000 BCE https://twitter.com/i__Mystic/status/1282560137820078080?s=20
Colonisers with Superiority COMPLEX, struggling with 'Witch crafting'👇 https://twitter.com/i__Mystic/status/1272460302735470594?s=20

Treating woman as vessel of procreation

Calling nauch girl & courtesan as prostitute

Would they understand RICH VEDIC culture?
Stone tools found in Attirampakkam, Tamil Nadu dates back 350KYears debunking theory that homo-erectus exting 600Kyear ago and modern man came into being 80kYear before.

'Narmada Man' Skull discovered in MP, India, provides the first scientifically recorded evidence of human skeletal remains from the Indian subcontinent dating to the late Middle Pleistocene of 300Ky to 150Kyears ago. @RajVedam1
As per @RajVedam1 The excavation in Keezhadi, Tamil Nadu, based on the studies and available data, the carbon dating should be in an interval of 821 BCE to 2974 BCE for the terminus layer.
Discovery of Chariot in Sanauli, UP, India itself is sufficient to debunk false AIT.
What to speak of other Archaeological, Paleontologist, Genetic proofs.
It proves that Indus-Valley-'Saraswati'-Civilisation existed ~2000BCE

Continuity of Civilisation from Harappan excavation
1. Namaste
2. Swastika
3. Yoga
4. Shivalinga
@RajVedam1 @Aabhas24
Study by A R Nair, S V Navada and S M Rao Thar Desert states that cooler and pluvial conditions in the Holocene were present in the region what is called dried Saraswati River.

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