✨A revolution in automotive engineering that can only be compared with Henry Ford's assembly line or the introduction of industrial robots.✨

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To understand how far-reaching this is.. 💡
we need to see how production is normally done.

"The machine that builds the machine"🤖

1: Production Tesla Model S 🚗
"The machine that builds the machine"🤖

2: Production Tesla Model S🚗
What die casting could change Elon Musk is telling here at the Share Holder Meeting 2016, he has already announced his plans.

The industry had time to react... 👀

1st Tesla Share Holder Meeting 2016 👀
2nd Tesla Share holder Meeting 2016👀
And what does that mean?

Here is a video about die-casting,
in case this doesn't mean anything to you.
That a Body in White no longer takes hours to put together

but only seconds to minutes.✨.....👀.....😱
👀Elon has secretly implemented what he postulated in 2016, a revolution for the automobile industry, a second, third or even fourth time. It's getting hard to count...

It will make production

✨more accurate
✨more stable

without taking up more space at all
This frees up a large part of the whole production area and can also be used for battery production, for example.

The hundreds of millions of dollars of industrial robots will be drastically reduced, maybe even obsolete.🥳
👀This will enable a GIGA factory in Berlin to produce not only 500,000 cars a year, but perhaps soon 😱5 million a year.

✨The potential to become the largest company in the world is definitely there. ✨
The production costs for Tesla's body in white could fall to 1/10. And so a Tesla Model Y might be on the same price level as a regular car with a combustion engine, or even cheaper.😊 @jpr007
Die casting of a "Matchbox" (Hotwheel) toy car.

🚗Body in white in seconds... 👏🤣
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