Do u have any better theory sir? To explain the reason behind the reason, an infinite loop.
Even science can't prove how come the universe was created. They say Big Band. But it is also laughable becoz, at the time of Big bang, there is an infinite dense material which exploded
But where did that dense material come from?
So unless we have a better theory, you can't rule out the evolution based on Vedas.

Sankaracharya once said :
Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death.

Reasoning won't save us at the time of death.
Do you know how did we come this far as a human civilisation?

When the time the whole world was yet to know that the earth is round. We sanatani's did know that long back.

Do you know we Indians were the cradle of civilisation.

Let's scroll down to get mesmerized
Do you know them...
PINGALA (Fibonocci)
the list goes on

They all were the reason behind the progress of modern science.
Newton DIDN'T discover gravity
Archimedes DIDN'T find his findings
Euclid DIDN'T find his maths
Democritus DIDN'T discover Atom
Fibonacci series was NOT discovered by Pisano
Hippocrates was NOT the father of medicine
Astronomy is the heart of Sanata Dharma
Number system was discovered in INDIA

Indian Contribution to World
1st to give Number Zero
1st to give Decimals
1st to give Cotton
1st to give Diamonds
1st to give Surgery
1st to give Advanced Astronomy
1st to give Concept of Gravity
1st to give University
Yoga, Ayurveda, metallurgy & moral & humanitarian concept like World is like a family.
1st to give The Fundamental Element
1st to give Cloning
1st to give New Breeds Of Plants.
1st to give Man Made Lakes

And 100s more....
How did europe from dark ages come to Renaissance?
But MOST People think Everything Originated in EUROPE, Egypt and Greek .
-WHAT IS THE TRUTH ? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?There is no single proof that Archimedes discovered all his discoveries. Same goes with Euclid maths
Al Khwarizmi from Persia wrote Kitab al mukhtasar fi hisab al-jabr wal-muqabala and mentioned Sine Tables from Aryabhatiya.
How Robert of Chester translated the works and ज्या became "sin" and कोज्या became "cos" is in subsequent Tweets.
Al Khwarizmi didn't discover Algorithms, he copied from India, he himself mentioned in his book that, I got this knowledge from India.
Remember Newton didn't discover Gravity, it was already mentioned by Bhaskaracharya in his works. Newton also credited this in his book, that I
built this on top of big giants.

Did you know Brahmagupta's laws of zero-based maths went missing around 1200 years ago?
So, instead of enjoying the empirical simplexity of Bharatan maths, the British spread obsolete maths with Greek philosophical complexity.
After almost 2600 years of western maths, it was to be found impossible to square a circle with Ancient Greek tools of straight edge and compass.
What if we used rope & pegs like 🇮🇳 India's Śulba Sūtras that remain untaught?
You CAN square a circle.
Rig Veda on Solar Eclipse !!
“O Sun! When you are blocked by the one whom you gifted your own light (moon), then earth gets scared by sudden darkness”
Rig Veda 5.40.5, 5.40.9
Scientific Prowess of our Ancients 1000s of years before rest the of World came to know about it.
Sage Kanada explained atoms concept and newton laws of motion number of years before Newton.
Brahmagupta gave the solution of the general linear equation in chapter eighteen of Brahmasphutasiddhānta.
Brahmagupta's Brahmasphuṭasiddhānta is the first book that provides rules for arithmetic manipulations that apply to zero and to negative numbers.
I didn't give all discoveries of India, but a glimpse of it.
Battery was invented by sage Agastya.
Vedic math is a gift, so many astronomical and astrological things in Vedas.
Puranas also mentioned astronomy.
A never ending list of inventions by Indian sages.
Note that I have not mentioned works of

What we are today is the biksha of Sanatani Rushis
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