Perfect example of cancel culture — by which I mean 1) forming a mob, to 2) seek to get someone fired (or disproportionately punished), for 3) statements within Overton window. Those doing form-fruste witch burning should be ashamed. ⁦ @jonathanchait
Another example of what is being called “cancel culture,” meeting this definition I think, with preposterous & false charges.

We may add 4) lack of spine by superordinates who simply fear “controversy” and should know better?

via @robbysoave @reason
This one too. More cancel culture by this defirnion. Police officer shares photo of niece at BLM protest on social media. She obviously doesn’t actually want cops killed. Sheesh.
Another (July 21) example of 'cancel culture' by this definition at UWashington: students "demand" removal of three faculty for minor perceived transgressions, incl "tone policing": and All three resign (who needs such headaches?).
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