let's take a look at some of the brahmin fragility in the replies, shall we? https://twitter.com/Newspaperwalli/status/1281057599845093382
asking for evidence is brahmin fragility
denying the lived experience of dalits is brahmin fragility
casteism is privilege plus power, brahmin. don't try to compare it to other kinds of discrimination.

brahmin fragility.
attacking female journalists of low-caste who have had to earn the right to their voice is textbook brahmin fragility.
brahmin fragility loves to use token dalits to deny the systematic systems of systemic casteism that they perpetuate.
claiming that kshatriyas also succeed in a brahmin supremacist systems is the "model caste myth" - a classic tool of brahmin fragility
"dalits are the real casteists" denies the reality of power relations in brahmin supremacist society. brahmin fragility.
you are still benefiting from the casteism of your forefathers, brahmin. educate yourself about #BrahminFragility
brahmin tears crying about affirmative action again. #StayMadBrahmin #BrahminFragility
Brahmin flight is #BrahminFragility.
soooo many other examples but i'm so fucking tired i literally can't y'all. educating privileged shitlords is not my responsibility. follow and donate to my cashapp.
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