*siiiiiiiiiiiiigh* are we really still doing this? With these ridic arguments? Oh it's "easy" to boycott Amazon, you say? Just buy your books elsewhere, you say?

It would be so awesome if people with privilege stopped acting like everyone can do what they do. https://twitter.com/RossBarkan/status/1281960380366020612
I'm sure this person has by now experienced the deluge of tweets from disabled people telling them exactly how much not everyone can just boycott Amazon and how it's not easy to "just buy things somewhere else" because if that was easy then Amazon wouldn't be a problem, would it?
The thing that rarely gets discussed by these types is that the reason Amazon is a problem is CAPITALISM. Amazon is indispensable for *some people* cuz they out-capitalismed their competition. And since we have no or weak anti-trust laws, that means less competition.
Which means that for some folks Amazon is the only game in town. "Just go to a normal grocery" you say? What if you cannot do so? Will the corner grocery deliver? In some places, sure. Not all. Not the majority. And if you live in a Black neighborhood? ahahaha sorry suckas.
Meanwhile, Amazon started delivering food to neighborhoods the big grocery delivery joints refused to deliver to.... until Amazon was already doing it.... at a lower price... As I said, out-capitalismed.
Amazon may have started as a book store but do you really think books are what's driving people to spend on Amazon right now? The books are nice but some of us need our supplements, or our office supplies, or our home goods, or our hygiene items, etc.
Yes, those can be bought from other stores... with less convenience, at higher prices, with slower shipping. And that's IF you live in a major urban area. Outside that, maybe those things are not as easy to obtain. Not in stock locally. Etc. Capitalism.
I am sick to death of people like @RossBarkan acting as though what THEY can do is what EVERYONE can do and therefore proclaiming that boycotting Amazon or whoever is easy. It's not easy. Not even getting into the web services thing, it's just not.
You're not gonna bring down Amazon with a consumer boycott. Your energy is better spent putting pressure on local governments to stop giving Amazon tax breaks and making them pay their taxes in full. THAT helps, this other sh*t doesn't. The. End.
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