Thread: What is 4 times faster than Light ? Vedas Uncover this mystery ?
In this thread you will get to know there exist an entity in the universe which is 4 times faster than light and it doesn't violate the Law of Relativity. Let us see who breaks the cosmic speed limit.
Vedas talks about an entity which is fastest in this universe. Vedas talk about "Dhananjay Pran" Which is 4 time faster than light ? This Dhananjay Pran is the cause behind speed of light too ? or I should say this is the reason behind speed of light.
Vaidic Bramhan Grantha are explanatory parts of Vedas , one of them is Aitrey Bramhan which is an explanatory part of Rigveda. 6000 years ago a vedic sage Maharshi Aitrey Mahidas understood the whole universe through rigveda and he presented his knowledge as Aitrey Bramhan
In this Grantha there are 1000 of secret of universe are revealed in a coded form, 10 years ago a vedic scientist acharya agnivrat started working to decode it and came up with a 2800 page long scientific translation of Aitrey Bramhan whose science is 200 years ahead of Physics
In this Aitrey Bramham Granta , There is a hymn which talks about fastest entities of the universe and the hymn says Dhananjay Pran is fastest entity in the whole universe. It is 4 times faster than speed of light , so what is Dhananjay Pran ?
Actually our universe is nothing but all vibration , there are several type of vibrating entities exist in our universe. One of them are "Pranas" These Pranas also exist in human body as well as inside the universe. There are total 11 pranas exist. one of those is Dhananjay pran.
So Dhananjay pran is a very subtle vibrating entity , which has several roles in the events of universe. It is also responsible for working process of EM force. We will see this in future threads. This Dhananjay pran is also a part of Structure of Photon. Photon contains it.
This Dhanajay pran Rashmi or vibrating entity has a speed of 12 lakh km/sec. It is subtle than space itself. as per aitrey it is fastest in the universe. It is the Engine of Photon itself. The driving force of photon. We will see how it is a reason behind speed of light.
First of all let me give you an example:
below image you see a cloth flying in air. Here the cloth is naturally flying because of airflow.
I want to ask you who is more faster ? Air or cloth ?
The answer will be AIR. The air has some speed. The cloth flow because of airflow.
Similarly Dhananjay pran which is inside the photon is the fastest entity in the universe which is driving the photon , it's speed becomes 4 times slow because it has to carry photon. Independently , it has speed 4 time speed of light. It also exist independently.
But wait... There is a question ? unlike the cloth photon is mass-less then why speed of Dhananjay pran becomes slow ? why its original speed slows down while driving the photon ? Actually the photon has zero rest mass. While moving it must have some mass.
We consider photon having mass because of some reason:
1. It is affected by gravity.
2. No particles in the universe ever stays at rest , then how one can find the rest mass ? If a photon never stay rest how its rest mass also can be said as zero ?
So photon should also have some mass , whether rest mass or relativistic mass.
Because of this dhananjay pran speed slow down to drive this massive photon. As per Aitrey Bramhan This Dhananjay pran also exist independently where it's speed is 4 times speed of light.
This Dhananjay pran also have a specific role in Electromagnetic Force. It also resides inside positive charge. It also has a specific role in human body at the level of Manastatva(मन) or Mind.
Why it doesn't violate special theory of relativity ?
1. Something very subtle than space itself is not the domain of Special relativity.
2. Nothing can be faster than light in "space" , so it doesn't apply on space , this is accepted by scientist too , Dhananjay is beyond space
Some of you may think , isn't it the same as tachyons , a theory by an Indian scientist. No, it is different from tachyons. They are hypothetical and termed as particle but dhananjay pran is not a particle instead it is a Rashmi or vibrating entity.
As per Ved - Dhananjay pran also has a role in nuclear reaction happening inside the core of Sun
These are very Subtle that cannot be observed by modern science. Ancient rishi's observed it through their Manastatv(मन) in samadhi state and revealed this science in Bramhan Grantha
1. Dhananjay Pran is a vibrating entity which is part of photon's structure.
2. Independently it is 4 times faster than speed of light.
3. It doesn't violate Relativity.
4. It also has specific role inside our body.
5. It has role in Em Force, Nuclear reaction too.
There are many secrets like this which even modern science doesn't know today , and we are revealing all this before the discovery of western science. Isn't it a Big thing ? beyond imagination ?
Similarly secrets like , Space, time ,dark energy,vacuum energy also can be revealed.
If you are not aware until now we have discussed many things in previous threads.
1. Solar core radius from vedas
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3. Initial state of Universe explained by Mahadev Shiva
4. Scientific Meaning of Kuntap Sukta of Vedas

With such scientific works from Vedas who can stop India to become Viswaguru ? All what wee need help of govt. to further develop vaidic physics with mathematics and Observations.
Such work has been done without any help of govt. and in very low budget by Vaidic Scientist Acharya Agnvirat, who has done such a research which can change modern physics completely , he has given a physics 200 years ahead of modern theoretical physics.
Credit: @vaidicphysics , VedVigyanAlok , Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik.
Proof for our thread:
This is kandika which talks about faster than speed of light. Second kandika after this is also talking about the same.
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