Ever since @GretaThunberg’s, in many regards excellent, summer speech ( #sommarip1) I’ve been trying to come to terms with the sources used to rule out #NuclearEnergy as the cornerstone in fighting #ClimateChange. Now @TIME has published the full script..

..with links to her sources. Turns out “Risky” comes from HPC running over budget(!), and “expensive” is based on openly anti- #nuclear @MycleSchneider’s WNISR report, with no regard to e.g. system costs.

= two words w/o any backing that delay dealing with #climate issues. Why?
Don’t get me wrong, HPC has gone over budget and time and may cause a financial “risk” to UK citizens vs not doing anything, but it’s also incremental to achieving #netzero. But it’s crazy cherry picking. China builds 6+ reactors cheaply per year. Decoupling always needs nuclear.
...hence, ruling out the entire global ambition of decarbonized energy sectors – in which nuclear is the only scalable, plannable and reliable fossil free electricity source readily available – is like ruling out global wind power due to #Markbygden taking 20 years to build...
...or taking the price correlation issues now seen across all grids with (too) large installed weather-dependant electricity capacity (lex #Energiewende) as a reason not to invest more in clean #energy solutions – pleasing the fossil lobby and their deadly “natural #gas”.
For more relevant numbers, and perspective, on ‘risk’ (i.e. the way the word likely was perceived by listeners, as something ‘dangerous’) we just need to look at the overall peer-reviewed facts. @OurWorldInData also covers this topic diligently. Nuclear saves lives every day.
‘Expensive’ is true in a “energy only” model. But as investors in clean energy stress; price correlation (overproduction/no storage), EROEI, transmission, lack of inertia/grid services drive system costs of non-nuclear <50g CO2/kWh grids. *Graph a few years old, new one out soon.
Words matter, Greta, and you’re rightfully influential, have a strong voice amongst a new generation of leaders, so I ask you, please – follow the likes of @AOC and @ziontree, study facts and help fight the 85% of world energy that is fossil. #Nuclear is instrumental in doing so.
...or as @isaboemeke so perfectly explains all this, in a way more direct manner:

https://twitter.com/isaboemeke/status/1277296115105230849?s=21 https://twitter.com/isaboemeke/status/1277296115105230849
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