More creepy cabinet memes are appearing. I mean, it is like one appears for lots of disappeared kids.
"This is big, and quite disturbing. Wayfair (furniture wholesale website) has been exposed. Recent ads have shown up featuring product names that sound eerily like (missing) children's names. The price for those "products", upwards of 15k.
If true, this would be absolutely disgusting. Other pages show similar products, including a "personalized pillow" that is $20 until you type in a name... then it jumps to $10k. We have a big problem here. Fuck blm and the protests, this should be our main focus."
It’s a big deal.
Same cabinet but different names and different prices. #wayfairtrafficking #wayfairchildtrafficking
They've been deleting all kinds of 'items' that were named after missing children, changing 'price glitches', and denying any allegations while this is happening.
Wayfair has been selling missing children into sex slavery as 'furniture', unless you think people will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a cabinet or a throw pillow.

#wayfairtrafficking #wayfairchildtrafficking
This is a coordinated leak that has to do with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery Epstein's mentor. There is no way that this information was randomly found, even by the 4Chan boys.
Go to wayfair. go to the kids and babies section, where the sale is. go to the desks and pick a desk with a girl's name. grab the SKU number. go to  and enter SRC USA and the SKU number without typing SKU in front of it.
For $12k on Etsy you get a pedo logo pendant and I bet it comes with a complimentary little kid
Suspicious pillow on Amazon...
The Podesta email mentioning the pizza related handkerchief ALSO mentions ordering pillows #pizzagate #wayfairgate
I think this got leaked because someone took a plea deal. Whether it's Ghislaine Maxwell or someone else, I don't know
Wally world looking suspect AF too #wayfairgate #wayfairchildtrafficking
I'm certain this is money laundering. Child trafficking is just speculation at this point but it's being laundered for some illegal reason. Be our kids, drugs, weapons or a combo
The pedo rabbithole is endless and a fruitful endeavor if you can stomach it
It's okay fren, we here 4 you
Wayfair released a statement. Everything is settled. #WayfairGate #wayfairchildtrafficking
Will Smith flew to Epstein island. Allegedly he's a sodomite why he's cool with his open marriage to jada pinkett. Do not feel sorry for him. The open marriage propaganda is to plant seeds in the hearts of men of women todestroy nuclear family
Mel gibson one of the few actors we get to keep. So much love for him #wayfairchildtrafficking #wayfairgate #pizzagate #pedowood #pedogate
Kathy Bates, Cellophane, and Cannibalism make it hard to believe 'Fried Green Tomatoes' is supposed to be a touching family comedy.
#ChildTrafficking #pizzagate #pedowood #hellywood #wayfairgate #pedogate
My new wayfair bed set arrived
Family values #wayfairgate
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