“Innovation is the child of freedom and the parent of prosperity.”

Should i explain this?

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Poverty makes people Hustle and hustle just to escape hunger and lack....

Prosperity and freedom puts you at the realms of Innovation
-Chris Ani
I don't mean stolen money type
I mean real prosperity
Let me help you see a picture
In the hierarchy of things
You must first cross survival phase before you can even think of innovating all the time
The way you think and create before you hit your first 10million profit is
different from when you actually want to do your first 100m after crossing those benchmark
Survial phase is what to eat, drink, shelter, rent, transportation and those basic needs
When you are sure of this and you have financial freedom
You are at the realms where you are now thinking of WHAT more to do ,You want to venture into new business, launch a company or expand what you have started.
A teenager born and raised in a Ghetto or slum in Africa is not thinking or growing up to build the next facebook or Tesla
He wants to eat, drink good gain accees to education and electricity
He wants survival ..
He is not free
He is in hell
No light
No security
I am at a phase where i am not thinking of what to eat, drink, shelter and all that
Well for me i also know contentment
So don't think i have all
But i have crossed survival stage and its same for some of my friends partners and folks

At this phase what am i thinking ?
Well in 2016 all i wanted to do was scale my financial life to a new level
I was tired of get money today and look for it tomorrow ...
100k a month looked big until i came in contact with a friend who i heard Bitcoin from and went on to research and the game changed for me
I need Money to make my dreams and passion come true but i need to break that financial state where i am not sure of how of certain figures in my bank
But in 2016 ..the game changed ...
When i got my first major profit in first quarter 2017
Boy i got a Jeep, took off a buulding project for mom and my siblings where ...and the next thing i started thinking was how to build a company that is today called Digital Abundance
All i wanted next was to build solutions in the Crypto space in Nigeria
I launched CryptoHub ,CryptoLife capital Nigeria Bitcoin Exchange..all under Digital abundance
At this point i was ready to start implementing lessons from all my years of doing business, my leadership experience,giftings and skill..
I deployed them in this new adventure
I launched our hub in lagos in Jan 2018 which we still use till today
My thinking was not survival
Freedom and vision was pushing and making me do new stuffs and not just survive
Mid 2018
I started visiting some dreams and core passion i had long ago that i need to turn to a product and build.
One of them some of you enjoy today is http://daba.school 
In 2019 i launched out....
At this phase i don't even have 1million usd in my bank but my ventures worth more than that if we do a valuation
At this same phase i have access to networks and a bit of capital to pull any idea i am extremely passionate about
The last mob i got this year
I had to buy it cos i loved that brand of jeep😆
I don't know but i need to develop a lasting love for cars...once it is 1 year... i am done liking 🤣
Its not about money ..i bought my first car a golf4 in 2013
I always loved golf..
Got it for 700k when i did not even have 2 million in the account
I sha wanted to taste driving a golf,well gave it out same year.
My life can be funny and simple
I am that potential billonaire(one day)that can still walk the street of my estate and you wont know i am the one
I can still use an uber for a meeting and it does not remove anything about who i am
I Have freedom
Well thats not the lesson..lets move on
Yesterday i held an informal meeting with one of my associates and my younger brother and all i was telling them was the new structure we should set for our company Digital Abundance Ltd with its for products and subsidiaries
From Cryptohub.... Daba...cryptolife capital...
our Bitcoin Exchange and the latest company we have added to our portfolio....MAssmedia as an angel investor
Why am i thinking this ?
I have freedom and i am living a life of prosperity
Well its sad i am doing all this a country that looks like hell but even in all we still move on and win
If i was building @daba_school maybe in a developed nation and maybe meet one peter theil ... millions of usd..
who knows i could have seen investors who will rush and dump $10m on me after all skillshare has raised millions of usd since with little profit
Prosperity does not mean 1million usd bucks in the account
Freedom does not also mean i have it all.
It means i have what is enough for me and my family
It also means i have contentment
It means i have leverage
It would have been perfect if i could add a good country
but can't say that fully for Nigeria
As my ventures pulls in profit...
My eyes and hunger for innovation increases.....i can take money and invest in the next guy who wants to build an app that has a narket value and solves a major problem for people
That's the story of @elonmusk and some other Billonaires in developed nations..lets follow this thread as i release more
In 1999 @elonmusk co founded paypal
After the success of paypal..he moved and started Space X in 2002 and @Tesla motors in 2003
See how a man living in prosperity innovates...
He has reached a peak and now thinking of building stuffs in space abi mars anyonr..
If elon musk was a nigerian i doubt if he would have pulled this
Guess what?
elon was born in south Africa he left for Canada at age 17
Attended queens' university in canda where schooling works well
At age 24 in 1995 elon was going for his phd in usa but dumped it and
founded Zip2 with his brother
That startup was sold for $340m in 1999..elon was 28.
same year he co founded paypal
The first thing china did was to empower its citizens to become wealthy
Since 1994 till date
China has lifted over 700m citizens from poverty
I don't know how to continue this thread but let me keep up with the inspiration
We need to fix basic shits in Africa before we can compete globally but here is one of the reasons i am dedicated to building http://daba.school 
I laugh when all twitter people do is hype their app that is focued on finance tech this and that
If people dont have income where will investing money come from?
I designed a prosperity formular for Africa which i spoke about Last year in Dubai, but you see it has to be a partnership that starts with right leadership and we the people are responsible too
Forget about POVERTY first
-Fix education and you have solved the foundation for the societal Prosperity .
-Basic income needs to be fixed
If people know how to gain money...it starts there before next
Its the reason i am so dedicated ro building @daba_school
Chinua achebe and wole soyinka had solid education that time
They don't need to be millonaires
See what achebe wrote ?
Things fall apart
From novel to a movie
The same movie series earned money and employed people
The same book was sold and employed people who were
marketers and distributors.
Standard of living is core
Dubai citizens are not thinking of how to hammer or blow
They have all they need for the good life
It's the reason other nations come to eat from their nation
Not everyone wants to be a dangote money or a Jeff bezoz
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