The $1200 was cheese in the mousetrap so you'd accept trillions being funneled to Wall Street and CEOs.

Likewise, the PPP funds were allegedly for "small business", but more and more info is coming out on how they were largely vaccumed up by the rich, connected, and/or powerful.
The latest name to surface is Jay Sekulow, Trump's impeachment lawyer. His "charity", which has served as a slush fund to put over $65 million in the pockets of himself and his family members, received between 1 and 2 million from this fund.
I'm just going to start adding the names of rich people who vacuumed up this money as I find them. This is absolutely disgusting.

-Kanye West
-Pearl Jam
-The Eagles
-Guns N’ Roses
-Imagine Dragons
-My Chemical Romance
-Green Day
-Jeff Koons (one of the richest artists alive, who last year sold a painting for $91 million to Steve Mnuchin's dad)
-Kushner & Ivanka
-Donald Trump Jr.
-PF Changs
-The Church of Scientology, which is worth 1.2 billion
-Over 600 asset mgmt and private equity firms
-Norman Braman, billionaire car dealer
-WV governor Jim Justice, also a billionaire
-Billionaire hotel magnate Robert Rowling
-David Green, owner of "The Museum of the Bible". Net worth: 8 billion
-Bill Austin, CEO. Net worth 2 billion
-The Soho House (valued at over 2 billion)
-Alec Gores, private equity CEO worth 1.9 billion
-Don Hankey, car rental magnate. Net worth: 3.1 billion
-Arturo Moreno, advertising billionaire. Net worth 3.1 billion
-Dan & Farris Wilks, fracking billionaires
-John Tu, technology billionaire
-Osman Kibar, biotech billionaire
-Steve Jobs' widow Laurene, worth 21 billion
-Hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry
-Biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong
-A large franchisee of Wendy's, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurants, whose CEO is a major donor to Trump, received loans totaling $15 million to $30 million.
-Khloe Kardashian
-Reese Witherspoon
-Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
-Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
-Betsy DeVos
-Rep Roger Williams, net worth 60 million, took between 1-2 million from this program, known for this absolute nonsense 👇
Speaking of Williams, here are other DC swamp creatures who vaccumed up ppp money.

-Matt Gaetz, nw $27 million - a company listed on his financial disclosure received between $350k-1 million.

-Rep Vern Buchanan, nw $44 million, received unknown amount for 2 car dealerships.
-Rep Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who has financial ties to a Ukrainian oligarch credibly accused of contract killings(!!!), received $15 million for her husband's company before being pressured to give it back.

-Rep. Mike Kelly, nw $18.6 million. Received between $450k-1.05 million.
-Rep Vickie Hartzler (nw $9 million) got about $480k.

-A company partly owned by Nancy Pelosi's husband received a loan. The Pelosi's net worth is $120 million.

-The husband of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen received 4 loans totalling ~ 1.5 million. Their nw is between $2 and $8 million.
-Rep Susie Lee, who lobbied the SBA and Treasury Dept to include casinos in the bill, saw her husband's casino rake in a cool 5.6 million. Their nw is $24 million.

-Rep. Kevin Hern, nw between $36-$92 million. Received between $1-2 million.
-For some inexplicable reason, a woman actually married Mitch McConnell at some point. Their nw is now $30 million. A business to which she has financial and family ties received between $350k-1 million.

-Rep Devin Nunes, nw $300k, received at least $2 million.
-Rep Carol Miller, nw unknown. At least 5 of the car dealerships she and her husband own received between $350k-1 million each.

-Rep Markwayne Mullin, nw $22.7 million. Received between $800k-2.05 million.

-Rep Rick Allen, nw $11.7 million. Received between $350k-1 million.
-Also, I briefly mentioned Betsy DeVos before, but let's go back to that lizard. She owns 12 private jets, 4 helicopters, and has a nw of 5.4 billion. Yet she received 6 million in government aid for one of her companies.

The ruling class is looting us in broad daylight.
-Irongate Azrep Bw LLC, a Trump Org real estate partner, received between $2- 5 million.

-Companies owned by the wealthy family of Jared Kushner received millions in multiple ppp. For example, Princeton Forrestal LLC, a Kushner Cos. affiliate, received between $1-2 million.
-Millionaire Ag Sec Sonny Perdue's "Perdue Inc" trucking company, now owned by his children, at least on paper, received between $150k-350k.

-Trump’s longtime friend David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, received between $2-5 million. He has a nw of $11 million.
-A company called CloudCommerce received nearly $800k. Expected revenue for 2020? 14 million. Largest stockholder? Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, net worth $12 million.

-One of Trump’s top lawyers and largest donors, Marc Kasowitz, received between $5-10 million.
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