I’m a graduate student at Harvard. Well-known Harvard professors have raised their voice to me on multiple occasions when I expressed views to the left of theirs. Conservative opinions are the status quo at Harvard. Any student of color with semi-radical politics knows this. https://twitter.com/ryandenos/status/1280917360841568257
I express my opinions when I think I can successfully interject my voice into a discussion. I understand that my politics will brand me on the margins of Harvard. That’s okay. The leftist project is bigger than me.
At times I do not speak my mind, either because I don’t think I’m prepared for the discussion, because I don’t know how to frame my thought in a way that Harvard professors would allow (again, the conservative bias at Harvard is considerable), or because I’m simply tired.
I don’t have the platform of a celebrity Harvard professor, and I never will. That someone could have the remarkable resources of a tenured Harvard professorship, and still view themselves as somehow silenced or oppressed - well, that tells you a lot about Harvard in general.
Speak your truth, everyone. Get a reaction from people. The example the OP gave was that he’s afraid of coming out as a Christian(?). I promise there are riskier stances one can take in a seminar room.
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