I’ve not come across a more beautiful and enthralling illustration of MAHABHARTA than this.👇Characters look real n very INDIAN( u’ll agree too).

Here are 16 pics painted by Giampaolo Tomasseti,member of Int’l academy of Vedic science. 👇

2/6 Scenes in sequence —1️⃣ Abhimanyu was trapped inside Chakravyuha 2️⃣ Mata Kunti asks Arjuna to share his “prize” 3️⃣ I do not recognise the 3rd pic 4️⃣ That crucial moment when Karna’s chariot ws stuck in the mud.
3/6 Scenes in sequence—1️⃣Arjuna expresses his apprehensions ro Krishna 2️⃣a defeated Yudhishtra & humiliated Panchali being consoled by Krishna 3️⃣ I don’t recognise this pic,prolly it’s Arjuna with his mother Kunti 4️⃣Bhima’s encounter with Hanuman(loved his expressions). 😃
4/6 Scenes in sequence—1️⃣Krishna meets Narada (wanna believe he hd a jet pack)2️⃣happier days Pandavas and Krishna, 3️⃣ Arjuna shoots arrows at his grandfather Bheeshma, 4️⃣last bt not the least the painter himself. 😊👇
5/6 Notes: Till very recently I used to mistake battle formation PADMAVYUHA to be same as CHAKRAVYUHA. Now I knw there r many types of Vyuha (formations), will post a link in the tweet below. Pic 1: Padma Vyuha, Pic 2 & 3 ChakraVyuha.
6/6 Here’s an article frm http://Mahabhartaresearch.com , which describes diff types of battle formations frm Mahabharta. Worth reading!!! 👉 http://mahabharata-research.com/military%20academy/vyuhas%20-%20the%20strategic%20formations.html
I hv bn brainstorming snippets of Mahabharta with some of my frens since last few days. Sometimes I feel every page of Mahabharta (original version written by Rishi Vyas) can produce tons of research material.
Forgot to add: I stumbled upon the above pics when one of my frens shared a FB link where @BabaEinsteindev hd posted these pics.
Since I mentioned jet packs on Narada Muni, I thot I shld show the audience here this video by @PraveenMohanET. 👇 Its abt a carving in #Ellora temple, where RAVANA has a Jetpack strapped on his back. Believe it or not!!! Here’s the video>>>
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